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  1. Malky is our next manager, I''d hope.No point discussing when Lambert is clearly getting backed and doing an amazing job. He''s building his reputation here and doing an amazing job of it. Promotion would just be a total dream, and I honestly believe Lambert would be the man to keep us up if we did manage it. Not getting carried away, but we''re all excited.OTBC.

  2. [quote user="zak123"]First off all please don''t take this as a thread of me trying to tell you that Lansbury is a bad player and that he shouldnt be playing at all, I think he is great.

    Are people missing the fact that if we get him in a loan for the rest of the season, it doesn''t mean he is ours to keep. Yes great we get him until the end of the season, he provides that bit of extra class and we push the play-offs. Great, but you forget the team that does that will not be what you have going forward. Personally I think the extra experience Korey or Fox would get from playing out this season is worth not having Lansbury play.

    Also to those who say "we can then sign him", lets be honest Arsenal would not let him go until 2012, so really having him on that basis is pointless as we do not have the sort of money to sway them!

    It just seems very short sighted of any fan who immediately says "get him in until the end of the season".[/quote]Bang. Nail. Head.Ever heard of answering your own question?

  3. [quote user="Gingerpele"][quote user="Nexus_Canary"]Quick to appologise if you are a ginger , gingerpele ( or anyother gingers round there) Being gingerist will soon be a form of racism the way its going !! :([/quote]

    I love the ginger abuse :P (and i am ginger :P)

    And I saw he was sent off for violent conduct, but on first look didn''t really see anything violent...will watch it again[/quote]Ahh, now I understand the reason you don''t go outside.Sorry.

  4. [quote user="Gingerpele"]lol.....

    This isn''t a negative? Someone was brining up a point that know one else had mentioned, and if you watch that it does seem to look like Holt stuck an elbow in his face, maybe you see it differently.

    (oh and did you not read the last line of his post?)

    (Suppose i shouldn''t really be replying to you, i should be outside playing or something shouldn''t I
    . Almost forgot you were so obsessed with my social life.....)[/quote]Correct, run along

  5. Leeds sell out away allocations every week, without fail. Yes fair enough, but this is because you have a bigger fan base. - Everyone knows it, no point denying it.However, saying you have better support OVERALL is pure stupidity.. Last season we sold out your away end,  and there was still only 19,000 in the ground. This was a monday night on sky, and it was cold.. [boo hoo]. Leeds don''t have good support, and you can''t deny it either. Your fans turn up as and when they wish, for the occasional big game.The reason your average attendance is level with ours last season, is because you sold 36,000 or whatever it was for about 3 games, therefore pushing your attendances up. The rest of the games you struggled to make 20.All Leeds fans mentality is pathetic. "Champions of Europe?" haaaaaaaa. Full of idiots! Yes you do take good away support, no doubt about it, but stop living in the past! You''re not a big club anymore!!! You like to think people desperately care about you! (which some do, and it''s pathetic when people make a big thing of "the mighty Leeds coming"). You just keep trying to big yourself up.. Please, tell us all that you''re amazing and going up, it makes it funnier when you mess it up again. We love a good laugh at the end of a season, and usually it''s Leeds. Lets hope for it again.OTBC.

  6. [quote user="morty"]

    I am not going to spill any beans, or going to say "I told you so" if they come true, but I have heard some VERY interesting rumours from a pretty reliable source concerning the January transfer window.

    If they come to fruition I will be extremely happy indeed.

    [/quote]I''ve also heard of 2 very exciting players that we are having a few talks with. No point putting stuff on here as nobody ever believes it.

  7. And there was further good news regarding defenders Adam Drury and Zak Whitbread following their return to full training.

    "Crofts will be in contention and has come through training ok and hopefully that bout of illness he had is away," said Lambert.

    "Zak is doing great and is training with us, which is a big step for him and Adam is also training well."

    For how long?

  8. [quote user="city till i die"]current 11 and squad vs norwich city of the past 10 years...

    maybe getting lambert and culverhouse putting there boots on again, as well as malky, fleming, hucks, mckenzie, mcveigh, iwan, dublin, ashton??[/quote]That sounds amazing to see again! Great shout.Well deserved Drury mate, been quality over the years. Mr Consistent.Proud to have him in yellow. Adammmmmmmmmmmmmm Druryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy we love your loyaltyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! [8]

  9. A few little highlights that I found on youtube:A good pre-season:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4ep-2xRK1A&feature=relatedThings didn''t start too well........http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZekarMHiqD8Walsall away - The game that took 3 attempts, I think it was in the end? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ok0QsFAICLE&feature=relatedColchester away - Worth the watch...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRM17WS8Xi8Huddersfield away - When I think we really knew we had done it.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VckvqKB5sNk&feature=relatedLeeds home - What a day?Can''t seem to find any  decent footage of Chrissy''s goal, but have a look around. I''m sure we can all remember it anyway!And finally to finish off League 1:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQb9o2zEomcJeff Stelling:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sr9Uancv9k&feature=relatedChampionship:Preston away:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ru933I2HOYQ&feature=relatedScum at home - Not the best quality video ever, but shows what it needs to!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yj5qMfcO68Y&feature=relatedDerby away:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXaWo26jhdU

    And here''s to plenty more to follow! OTBC. [:D]

  10. [quote user="Davo"]Now I''m not normally one who votes or nominates people for awards but I feel that in the last 24 months we have made a massive improvement as a team. So in memory of our past failures and some of the pathetic vitriol that has been spouted in this thread I would like to present the:

    Glenn Roeder "Square pegs in round holes" award.

    This award is aimed at those people who have come up with such great ideas as "Darrel Russell should play as a Striker" and "Mark Fotheringham should no only be rewarded with a longer contract but should also be made Captain".

    In the tradition of all these great yearly awards what has happened for the last 11 months is irrelevant and it''s only the most recent that is important

    so in that vane I present the award to:

    Adam NCFC for suggesting we play 3 of our back four out of position in our up coming away game against Coventry. That''s right he suggested not only is playing Lappin as an emergency left back not enough square pegs in round holes he also suggested we played Russell Martin (our only right back) in centre defence and Korey Smith (a key part of our diamond) at right back. The only thing I can''t fathom is why he didn''t suggest swapping Ward for Hoolahan to fully maximise the amount of square pegs in round holes.

    Congratulations Adam please feel free to collect your reward as a first year entry into the Glenn Roeder "I missed you''re tenure as England Manager" Academy.

    [/quote]Errrr... Find me that post, and I''ll happily post you a large amount of money.The biggest idiot and virgin award goes to... you.
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