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  1. [quote user="Resident Leeds Fan Jonny"][quote user="paul moy"]

    It does look as if history is repeating itself though with Leeds having a long arduous Cup run and thus virtually screwing up their promotion prospects. Time will tell, and I hope so..... LOL


    Well we''ll see lol. I would love to beat

    Arsenal, it''s nigh on a par with wanting to beat Man scUm last season,

    not quite up there but very close. Nothing gives me more pleasure than

    beating those top teams in the Premier and shutting their arrogant fans

    Honestly can''t see us beating them at home though, no massive

    loss if we don''t. At least then we can fully concentrate on the league

    then.[/quote]For a moment there I thought we had a Leeds fan calling other fans arrogant.........................

  2. All the school boys probably just thought it was a chance to get in the lower barclay as the turnout wouldn''t of been very high, I didn''t go, and everyone knows the atmosphere is usually good in the lower barclay, we have good banter, never sit down and sing etc... Just a bunch of 12 year olds probably, like the lad said further up

  3. [quote user="barclayendstand"]Come on everyone who hasn''t got a ticket for Saturday, buy one tomorrow! Let''s fill Carrow Road and show PL how much we want him to stay.[/quote][y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y] [y]

  4. [quote user="Webbo118"][quote user="i need to be entertained"]

    I would like to make a prediction, that all of us City fans will not like. I predict that the GOD that is Paul Lambert will be the manager of Everton by the end of the month. On what do I base this the toffee men play Spurs this week and will lose that will put then in the bottom three they will then lose to Scunthorpe out of two cups this season to lower league teams (Brentford and Scunny) this will not be acceptable on Merseyside, and Moyes will be out.

    They will need a replacement and Paul Lambert will move to the bigger club.

    I also predicted that Paul would be our next manager when we were 5-0 down to Colchester last season

    If I am proved wrong you can all laugh at me on the 1st feb

    I hope I am well off the mark. because I believe that Mr Lambert is one of the best managers we have ever had



    Are you sure you don''t mean Burnley or perhaps Villa. My personal worry is that he will be unable to resist the charms of Port Vale.

    [/quote]Stockport for me.

  5. [quote user="AJ"][quote user="I am a Banana"]POTS so far? He would get my vote, ahead of hooly, holt, barnett.[/quote]

    I would definitely say he is right up there no doubt. Holt has been fantastic for us though, as has Ruddy![/quote]I obviously want him to do well every game, but does he not worry you every time someone shoots, crosses, or anything... He doesn''t look confident at all in my opinion! He''s a good shot stopper, but doesn''t really take control of balls in the box. However, that 1 handed catch in the dying moments v QPR was enjoyable! Hope he keeps improving.It seems we have 2/3 threads after every game about R.Martin! He''s our best defender in my opinion, and I''d like to see a better RB then him in the league........

  6. [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="jas the barclay king"]because after today thats where we are going!QPR will finish mid table. Taraabt threw a wobbly when he went off and as warnock doesn''t let players dictate i wouldn''t be suprised if he isn''t back at white heart lane by now!as for us we battled today! defended better than we have done for many a season i thought, ruddy made a good save first half and apart from some way ward finishing we could have had 7 today!if QPR are the best team in the division then i cant wait to play the worst! we will get double figures!the promotion party will be rolling soon.[/quote]I don''t think QPR will finish mid table JAS otherwise I tend to agree with everything you said.I keep doing the BBC predictor and we keep coming second! Can''t be right, can it?[/quote]Just did the Norwich games, couldn''t be bothered doing the others! Got us finishing on 77 points, and a GD: +125... However, we did beat Ipswich 99-0 in my predictions so you may need to take 1 or 2 off in the goal difference. 77 points enough? Hopefully!
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