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  1. Just found this on BBC.. As you can see i''m new on the forum, so i''d assume this atempt to put my picture up will fail awfully [:P] But i''ll try anyway! Here''s the link if u wonna have a go [:)] http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_2/predictor/default.stm#top[IMG]http://i40.tinypic.com/2yzaiqf.jpg[/IMG]

  2. [quote user="silver fox"]Impressed with the way he took his two goals and I would like to see him start in place of Martin who could do with a rest.[/quote]He scored 2 open goals?He looks quick, but we''re yet to see anything of him.. He brought an awful record to us, 8 goals in his last 50 or something close to that... Glad he was in the position to get the 2 goals, and hope he gets a few more :)

  3. I live in Lincoln, and as good as it is to see one of our players going out on loan to get games, it''s awful for Lincoln.. They''ve got about 9 players on loan, just looks like Sutton has got his management tips off Roeder or summat, looks awful for Lincoln.. Good job i''m a norwich fan Big Smile [:D]

  4. Lol...........I''d say Nelson is an old fashioned, "I''m not gonna F*ck about, i''m smashing it out" sorta centre back, he gives away the ball sooooo much, and scares me everytime he gets near it, but to be fair he has been alright.. From what i''ve seen of whitbread, he attempts to play the ball, and keep the football going.. Can only be a good thing if you ask me!

  5. Skysports were reporting that Arsenal and Spurs were trying to buy him in January.. I think he''s top quality and will be as good in the championship as he is now.. When players get through 1 on 1, we all think shittttttt! But Frazer managers to save most of them. Another loan deal on him would be quality. If we don''t manage to get him again, that''s where the money has got to be spent next season.

  6. [quote user="NCFC4LIFE"]Yea but how ironic if we clinch promotion at the Valley!!! after last year??? cant miss that!!! surely?[/quote]I put a bet on us to get promoted at Charlton away at the start of the season, got 14/1! Nice £140 for me if it happens :)Charlton away will be quality, I still think that will be the day.

  7. The whole thing with Chester went on for months... They started the season -30 points, already in administration, and in a load of other trouble. It''s taken until about a week ago for them to FINALLY be wound up.. I can''t see Southend being wound up before the season starts. They are a team in the football league. Pompey are in a total state, yet they manage to keep going.. Something always happens.. Chester was a case of "we can do no more to help".. All the fans hated the owner, players were refusing to get on the bus to go to games, they were still in minus points and going down, they were just a total mess.. Southend can still stay up this season. As much as "it could happen", it won''t.
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