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  1. [quote user="DOGGER"][quote user="AJ"][quote user="DOGGER"]Been told in good faith by someone in the know  [/quote]

    I would so, so, so love this to be true.

    If you are wrong Dogger, I shall hunt you down :P[/quote]It''s defo true but it don''t mean we will sign him  -at least we know Lambert wants him[/quote]Beautiful back track, bravo. For what it''s worth, I don''t know anything except we went back with another offer after the first got rejected. The person that told me about this £3.5m, and decided to whack it on twitter, knew before skysports or anyone else (as you can see by the time I posted it), so I''m willing to believe it.I do however believe Dogger has decided he''d try and claim a source, after negotiations have been clear.

  2. [quote user="Toronto_Canary"]I think it was implied in the title? ''Which

    club should YOU support''. I was born a long way from Norwich but lived

    most of my life near the city, and now live 4000 miles away. So Adam,  who should i support?I

    have more respect for the people that live further away than the ones

    in walking distance as its a lot harder to support a club 30/40 / 4000

    Miles away than when its in walking distance. Ive done both, so i know. Interesting website though. shame it only shows EnglandAll good fun[/quote]

    Maybe, that''s because what the site is called, I titled it the same as that? Clever clogs [;)]

    [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="Adam NCFC"][quote user="Mister Chops"]So if you move across the country for work etc., you should ditch your roots and get behind whoever''s the nearest club?  Yeah, great.[/quote]It''s just a bit of fun you idiot! You and your little crew need to stop trying to ruin any post that you lot don''t start. [/quote]

    [img]http://cache.ohinternet.com/images/d/dc/Internet_tough_guys.jpg[/img][/quote]You''re the sort of person who gets his pint, sits in the corner of a pub and doesn''t say a word [;)]

  3. http://www.footyroots.co.uk/Quite a decent site. Lets see where we''re all closest too?

  4. [quote user="......and Smith must score."][quote user="Barnett is King"]There are many strikers which are realistic (sort of) which I reckon we should go for. Steve MorrisonIshmael Miller (or another out of favour Premier league youngster), e.g Swansea signing Luke Moore from WBA.Jordan RhodesCharlie AustinAdam Le FondreBoyd/McKail Smith/McLeanCristiano Ronaldo[/quote]Whether the others on your list are realistic or not only time will tell but I''ll be very surprised if Aaron McLean ends up here.......he signed for Middlesbrough for £1.3 million less than a fortnight ago.[/quote]I like it when people try to be clever... Hull city. [:)]
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