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  1. Yes, hotly should of gone down. I don''t care what abyone says, even if holt did go down, their goalie got sent off and we scored the own, it still wouldn''t if been right. We got well and truly fucked over that night!

    And how did I forget about lambert lol, just another joke to the long story... All he did was pass the ball back ffs...

    As usual, the fans were top class all night!

  2. [quote user="Slim"]Has anyone got a link to some highlights from this game...god knows why, but I''d like to watch those decisions again.[/quote]You might find a really old clip on skysports.com, or youtube? If you don''t remember it then this sums is up...Bright start by Norwich...Tranmere get a corner, ball comes in, cleared off the line by Rusty, ref says play on, but the linesman who is on the far left hand side of the box gives a penalty, despite having to see that through about 15 players, and being on the other side of the pitch... Tranmere score pen.Doc does a disaster backpass, some bellend gets onto it, flicks it past Frazer, goes down.. Pen & red card to Forster. I still personally think he could have stayed up, and he threw himself over Frazer.Corner comes in, player on his own at the backpost, puts his hand up in the air to control it, then uses his hand to bring it down again, then smashes it into the net. The linesman that so clearly saw Rustys handball on the line through 15 players, doesn''t see this handball when he has a clear view, and it''s infront of him? 3-0 Tranmere.Holty gets through 1 on 1, should of gone down when going round goalie, but stays up, shot cleared off line.Norwich score on roughly 65 mins (at a guess) think it was Holty.Tranmere fans then start singing, that''s why we''re staying up............... [:|]

  3. [quote user="Graham Humphrey"]Watched the season review DVD the other day - it''s really even more astonishing watching it now, I can''t believe that game actually happened.  Every decision he could have got wrong he got wrong.  I''ll enjoy giving him some stick next Tuesday...[/quote]The best bit was walking out of the ground, and Tranmere fans singing... "that''s why we''re staying up..." [:|]

  4. Under 21 season ticket in The Barclay = £196 (yes it may vary up or down per stand)Adult ticket, as pointed out on here, £31An under 21 season ticket works out at roughly 7 games, of adult prices.Paying for 7 games at adult price, out of 23 home games. If you think you are going to get to 7 games this season, but can''t guarantee getting to more, or when you can go, just get a season ticket... Then you don''t have to have the trouble of getting a ticket for Leeds, Ipsh!t etc... If you can''t make it, offer your ticket as buy back or sell it to a mate for (a price that shall remain undisclosed) maybe? (no pete, i''m not encouraging selling tickets, blah blah blah...) Even in todays climate, £196 is not a huge amount for 23 days worth of enjoyment. Works out roughly £8.50 a game. Or even share a ticket with a mate, as suggested earlier...This, in my opinion would be the logical thing.

  5. [quote user="Canary1902"][quote user="Canary1902"]

    [quote user="TheGoogler"]What are you on about, Canary1902? We don''t have a "winning mentality" in the Championship? What a crock of crap! And if you''d been to the games, you''d know Russell Martin has been consistently good since Scunthorpe.[/quote]

    Second of all, I was at the Scunthorpe match, and hung my head every time RM got the ball. He put his foot through it god knows how many times, mis-timed his passed, was poor with his clearly and generally had a shocking game I felt. I don''t enjoy criticising our players you know. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And in MY opinion, RM is a great player, he just doesn''t seem to have his head in it yet like last season


    "Clearance", its early

    [/quote]Did you not notice the... ''Since?'' [:)]I personally thought his performance at Forest, is 1 of the best I''ve seen him give. But, as Lambert said, that''s one of the best performances from the whole team, that we''ve seen in a long time!

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