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  1. [quote user="paul moy"][quote user="Evesham Canary"]

    [quote user="Sim086"]Jesus christ I really hope this Chris Martin talk is a joke.[/quote]

    Sadly for some I think it is all too serious!!

    Chrissy has some talent but I don''t think we have the time to find out if he can do it in the prem.

    Apart from one season in L1 he has never been a regular scorer. He will only play up front if we play a 4-4-2 system - he could play in the role off a main striker but only if Wes, Snodgrass, Pilks, Howson and Butterfield are unavailable.

    I have always been a fan but I just feel our best option is to sell him now and make the supposed £750K that has been mentioned from Burnley & Palace!


    Hughton rates him so that''s something we''ve got to accept.

    [/quote]  Based on what? Have not seen a lot of him in pre-season

  2. [quote user="lake district canary"]

    I still think people are trying to read too much into what City are trying to do pre-season.   Whatever happened today - and I wasn''t there - it was a friendly.   The opportunity to concentrate on specific areas - defence for instance.   If you concentate on specifics, you are not treating it as a match. You are treating it like a "practice".   Practice is something you do to help you when you get to the real thing.   Judge them on the ulham game - not on this one.


    [/quote] But when you practice, isnt that what you are doing, preparing for the real thing?? I will eat my hat if we don''t play 451 next week at Fulham, I really hope we don''t know as I am meeting two of my fulham mates there and can''t handle another beating there, espcially if we play negative 451 or 4411 what ever you want to call it, its rubbish

  3. [quote user="Militant Canary"]Ah, yes. The average Brits rudimentary grasp of football tactics- in other words, a bizarre obsession with the formation. Don''t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling. Certainly don''t be afraid to think a little deeper. Can''t be arsed to explain myself further.[/quote]

    I will ignore your sarcasm, however you do have a point, but the problem is we tried this formation with Holt and Morison last year, it just seems we do not have ther personel to make use of this formation. Holt is by far the best striker we have, but he cannot play with out another forward. You play your best players, to there strengths, 451 does not play to are players

  4. [quote user="porkyp"]Well sim, I did, and it was very unenterprising stuff to say the least just a week before the big K.O. Defensively I did not think we were too bad at all, and basically they are a new unit still learning each others game, so no worries there. Creativity from midfield was poor, especially Pilks, Bennett looked sharp but drifted in and out of the game far too much. Snodgrass really looked uncomfortable playing the forward role with Holt, and yes, Holty is rather filling his shirt out. Lot better from Snodgrass hen he went wide to replace Pilks, and he had the best chance to score. Listening to Hughton after the game he states he is worried at the lack of goals, and i would expect a new striker in this week with Vaughan and possibly Martin going out, which I think is the only positions we are lacking in strength at the minute. It was a friendly, and should be viewed accordingly.[/quote]

    Couldn''t agree more, however what i Dont get about Hughton is that he complains about lack of goals and then keeps playing bloody 451 [:@]

  5. [quote user="Mr Brownstone"]I have to confess that no, I didn''t go. Mainly because I couldn''t deal with hearing people moaning about the performance/result of a pre season friendly. The clue there is in the name. God I hope none of the players or management team read this forum. It''s flat out embarrassing.[/quote]


    If any one is embarrassing it is you, fed up of reading your cr*p, you seem to think your always right and become abusive or start an argument with anyone who disagrees to your OPINION.

    If you had been to the game maybe you would be a bit more concerned!? going to Fulham? or going to be to busy on here boring us with ur bull sh*t

  6. As the tittle suggests, I am very concerned by the 451 formation we seem to be deploying, I think it was obvious to all, with all the midfielders we have signed that it was going that way. I dont want to watch us playing boring football, with one up top, Espcially at home, It is also obvious that Holt can not play up front by himself.


    As said not worried about results, pre-season means sweet FA, however if we continue to play 451 i think we could be in for a long long season.

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