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  1. Shane Long seems to be a popular choice and would be one I would like to see us move for. McGugan would be a decent shout, but if we can persuade Arsene to let us keep Lansbury our midfield looks pretty useful anyway!
  2. I think he''ll change very little. I can''t imagine Zak will play - he can put his fragile bones/muscles into cotton wool for the next 3 months. I also presume Fox is carrying a niggle which is why he''s come off in each of the last four games. Other than that - carry on!
  3. We may have a holding midfielder, but we only play with two defenders!!!
  4. Derby''s second was down to some slack defending. Definitely not Ruddy''s fault - powerful shot from the edge of the box, bottom corner - keeper no chance.
  5. He cramped up about 2 minutes before the end of normal time and still he kept going forward. Didn''t have the energy to join in with the bundle in front of the Snakepit so just stayed in front of the Barclay - completely knackered!
  6. The thing which strikes me as odd is that this is with "immediate effect". Andy Cullen worked a quite lengthy notice period and I would have expected someone in Kevan Platt''s position to work three or even six months. Still we can speculate all we want, I don''t suppose we will know the true reasons and neither should we. As for the club''s statement, not sure what more we could have or should have expected. A top ten agenda''s prepared by Kevan? The statement is rather brusque but that''s business. I also don''t quite get why we would be sorry, on a non personal level, that there is no-one at the club who has worked there since the 1970''s. I work for a company who has many employees who were working there in the 70''s and 80''s and are still hanging on - whereas to be frank they should have got out years ago. And if the club wanted to write a history - well doesn''t Mike Damage, sorry Davage, do that sort of thing anyway and he''s not an employee plus Joe Ferrari has been in and around the club in one capacity for a good while now, plus the boring chap who does the programme used to work in the club shop years back didn''t he? Anyway - I echo the sentiments of wishing Kevan all the best, but it''s time to move on now!
  7. Anyone with even a slight knock shouldn''t be risked, otherwise I would hope we would be near enough full strength. Regardless of whether Nelson and Barnett are fully fit, I''m sure Whitbread will start. I''m sure the manager will have had some clear thoughts all week regarding his team selection!
  8. Seems to be a suggestion that the third caller - "Hallo Neeyul I''m out", was Karl Minns on a wind up.
  9. We played the diamond against Derby and Portsmouth - Fox base, Crofts right, Hoolahan left and Lansbury at the tip. Not enough width yesterday especially as Pompey crammed the central areas - should have gone 4-4-2 after 60 mins or so.
  10. If you read Jacob Tabbanor''s Facebook update from last Sunday he says he was nicked for "giving the scum a send off at the station", and he was the "unlucky" one to get arrested. Having seen some YouTube footage of this it seems it was no more than "friendly" cross border banter, and didn''t seem to get physical at any point.
  11. From memory the "Sheffield Wednesday saga" dated back to Christmas time in the play off season - around the time when we did Wednesday 5-0 at Hillsborough.
  12. Silly tashes or not there does need to be more awareness of Prostate Cancer and to my mind Movember is the perfect way to do it. Should we not support the women walking through cities in their bras at night raising awareness of Breast Cancer? We all have charities which are closer to our hearts than others. Personally and due to some close family who''ve been affected The Alzheimers Society is close to my heart, and as something of a pacifist, I have to say Help For Heroes is somewhere further down the line (albeit I acknowledge the outstanding if regretable work they have to do).
  13. I have a 3 year season ticket - my letter from the club says: "Thank you for your advanced purchase of your 2011/2012 Norwich City season ticket.........   From 2011-2012 Norwich City Football Club will no longer run the multi-year/season ticket top-up option scheme."   So effectively as I already have my ticket for the next two seasons, I won''t be putting any money into the club via season ticket purchase until prior to the 2013/2014 season, whereas I have been topping up annually. This means the club won''t get as much in season ticket income for the next two to four years (bearing in mind some people have five year tickets) as they would normally do. Interesting - would be interested to know the rationale behind that. Do we still have a Supporters Forum thing? Has this already been discussed with some of our top fans - Freeloader Gus and the like?  
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