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  1. You''re starting to like me...! I have a friend who is a Wolves fan, and he never mentions Norwich. They hate the ''Brom'' for obvious reasons. I take your point though. Wolves are s***
  2. Bitter much? As said previously I don''t hate your club. Hope you go up. But please feel free to carry on laughing at our club. I''m sure it makes you feel better...
  3. [quote user="Evil Monkey"]Thanks for the info... we don''t care.[/quote] Hmmm seems like it the amount of Leeds threads on here....
  4. [quote user="Romantic"]God this board is so Leeds centric now that at the time of posting there are two Leeds fans on this thread to one City fan. What''s happening? [/quote] We love you. Don''t you know that! No Leeds fan I know actually hate Norwich.
  5. [quote user="batesout MOT"]Ha ha, you squabblers so desperate for members that you''re recruiting tin pot fans.[/quote] Not really no. I am not asking you to join, You can browse without joining. Just that when you want to have a laugh look on a proper forum. The Squareball has been around for years (used to be called Leedschat), and has a fair number of fans. We just don''t post when it''s not neccessary and if there''s a repeat topic we tend to use the same thread instead of starting a new one like they do on WACCOE. The fans on squareball hate WACCOE. Don''t get me wrong there''s the odd thread that you think why?! Generally though it''s one of the best Leeds United forums. A forum without school kids.
  6. Hi, just wanted to direct you to a proper Leeds United Forum: www.thesquareball.net. The Leeds fans on this forum hate the rubbish that is churned out on Waccoe. The different (crap) topics every 5 minutes, the idiotic ''know it all-Grayson out fans.'' The immature know nothing about football fans. Anyway, if you want to have a laugh and berate a forum go on this one (thesquareball.net) You get the more level headed mature fan on here (a few idiots- they are everywhere) who do not get carried away with positive or negative match results, have a different useless topic every 5 minutes, and have an honest view on our team. Please don''t hurt your eyes and visit the sh1t that is Waccoe ever again. ENJOY...OR NOT... PS. I want you to go up, along with Leeds of course, and you are still the best team to come to Elland Road this season.
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