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  1. While there are legitimate immigration questions to be dealt with, why am I not surprised this has a thread, but “Barry” hasn’t got himself one despite last week being charged with attempted murder of a policeman and assault of an emergency worker the day before. If found guilty, can we send him to Rwanda or whichever remote island is being proposed today on this thread, and free up some space for immigrants who aren’t violent criminals?
  2. From Wikipedia: “According to data London's Metropolitan Police,[169][170] a demographic breakdown of known suspects in London attacks for the period (2002–2016) showed White Europeans comprising 32% of suspects, Black Caribbeans 38% and Asian 6%.”
  3. If you’re not yet retired and are paying towards a state pension for someone who has had those 20 plus years (on average) of being retired which you mention, would it be fair if the retirement age shifted up so you have significantly less than those 20 years (on average) of retirement when you get there? You would also have contributed for longer as well given the later retirement age. Contribute longer, get less…
  4. I expect we will lose the series, just can’t really predict how badly. It could be close but something tells me we could easily be on the end of a bit of a drubbing - wouldn’t be surprised if we lost by three or four…
  5. Probably not going to be important in terms of we miss out by 1 goal, but I think goal difference (after a certain number of games) usually gives you an idea of where you’re likely to end up. You can see the existing little “mini-leagues” based on goal difference - and at this stage of the season I think they’re a pretty good indicator. Preston being the only ones really where their points/position is massively different to their GD ranking. I suspect us/ Hull/ Watford/ Sunderland will be finishing 7-10th in no particular order.
  6. I know very little about it save that once when I was in Germany I had dinner with a husband and wife who both played for the German national teams (the wife played at a world championship, the husband at a European one I believe). We didn’t talk much about sport but they did say the training was full on - they both had a main course risotto as a starter and said they needed to eat around 4,000 calories a day. I watched a few games after that but never really got into it. Might have a watch.
  7. If your elbow happens to be pointed at the exact angle that it whacks an opponent smack in the face, quite a distance away from your body, and that’s slowed down on VAR for instance, then you’re very lucky to still be on the pitch.
  8. Except looks to me like Gunn’s elbow smacks into his face here, not his thigh. Very lucky imo!
  9. While I’d probably agree, and would hope you are right, in fifteen years time basically everyone below the age of 40 will not have had any adult experience of ever being in the EU. Millions of eligible voters won’t be able to remember being in the EU. Some eligible voters might not even have been born before we left. Not sure it’s guaranteed they’ll all be as pro-EU as under 40s generally are currently.
  10. I guess in the dark you’ll always get things like the biscuits crumpled into the ground accidentally. But would always take bottles and bags etc with me. Will say though, most places there isn’t anywhere to throw your rubbish. One of the cinemas near me has a chap on the door at the end with a bin bag, but most there isn’t - not an excuse but I’m sure it would be a bit tidier if there were more receptacles. Separately, I saw him in this on Saturday night - had forgotten/not known he does “real” theatre too and has a pretty good voice. Jack and the beanstalk a bit of a strange panto though!
  11. Do you understand how the monarchy works?
  12. Wasn’t van gaal playing 3/5 at the back at Man Utd before then? The manager of my Sunday league side at the time was a Man Utd fan and tried to get us playing it…
  13. Did the trip to Istanbul a month or two ago. Enjoyed it. Slightly underwhelmed with the Hagia Sophia (as it’s now a functioning mosque again, quite a lot of it was off limits, and it wasn’t as impressive inside as the blue mosque). The Topkapi palace was better. Stayed five days in sultanahmet and then four further out in the more modern shopping areas plus a day on the Asian side - very friendly city, decent food, good weather. The new airport is also massive. Not sure I’d rush back but glad to have been. Was supposed to be in Tel Aviv at the start of December but that’s obviously not happening right now.
  14. Really? If we hired a new manager tomorrow, still in October, six points off the playoffs, and we finished 13th, would you really be sat there saying the new guy’s done a good job, exactly what we needed? Let’s be realistic… if that happened, there’d already be a large number of calls for him to go over the summer.
  15. Atrocious run of form but I’m not sure mid table is really an aspiration to be settled for when we’re two wins away from the playoffs and less than three wins off third place…
  16. Strangely I got the subs quicker than some of the first team, although I did initially get the wrong JJ…. JS also had me confused as I was trying to think of a right back… SC did play a bit in midfield for us I think. Presumably 433 or a diamond midfield with PM at the top. CF at right back presumably.
  17. Why did they go with the spurs badge for 10p?
  18. Afghanistan really the example you want to use?
  19. But none of that is caused by someone having a sex change. Those things are caused by other wider societal issues and views , and the stance of the employer - people also get sacked for comments on race, gender/misogyny, disabilities, sexuality etc etc. The prime minister’s comment wasn’t “let people do, believe, and say what they want, but that works both ways”. That would have been fair enough.
  20. Of course they should have that right. Anyone should have the right to insist whatever they want - as long as it isn’t abusive or violent. Struggling also with your second para. What is the negative affect on ‘you’ here - it isn’t hate speech, it isn’t violent. It is an opinion that hypothetical ‘you’ is a terrible bigot, an opinion anyone should have the right to hold. If your hypothetical neighbour starts harassing you on your doorstep, I absolutely agree with you. But like I said previously - that isn’t an issue about men being men or women being women etc…
  21. Ah, all becomes clear. You don’t think people should have the right to insist things you don’t agree with. I don’t usually like to use the term snowflakes, but…
  22. The point is that they are different questions. Women and men don’t have separate changing rooms purely because they are different genders. It’s for safety. Most sexual assaults are men on women. Women in a changing room full of men is an obvious safety issue. But the PM wasn’t talking about safety concerns, he was talking about people not having to accept other people’s choices. Perhaps stretching my earlier curtain analogy a little too far, if my neighbour puts up bright red curtains, it is their choice and doesn’t affect me. If they take those bright red curtains down and start using them to strangle passers by, that does affect me. The PM would seemingly be talking about banning people from choosing bright red curtains - which isn’t really the issue.
  23. Not really. The points you’ve summarised are ones of safety (and, in the case of sport, fairness). They aren’t anything to do with whether biological men should be able to identify as female (or vice versa) or go through a sex change procedure etc. I couldn’t care less if the guy next to me in the changing room is straight or gay - as long as he doesn’t try to assault me. I also couldn’t care less if he was born a biological woman but is now identifying as a man as long as he doesn’t try to assault me either. Why on earth would I? Our prime minister has apparently decided whether people should be required to ‘identify’ as their biological birth gender is an issue politicians need to get involved in. I wonder whether his next campaign announcement will be about my neighbours’ curtain choices - another example of somebody else’s personal choice which simply doesn’t affect me or anyone else (even if I wouldn’t put them up in my own front room).
  24. Surely they are different points. I have been to many a bar/club where the toilets are not male and female specific. People have concerns about that, but the concerns aren’t about men identifying as men or otherwise.
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