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  1. Trying to educate the boys into the old ways of Fleck, Fox etc.... Some way off at he moment.
  2. A mate of mine from Brighton saw Delia near the tunnel at final whistle. Delia as manager i dont think, but as majority sharholder, maybe she felt she had to say her bit?
  3. Agree with you all, but maybe a few of the younger supporters should be invited into the dressing room before the game and show the "staff"/players what the yellow blood in you vains looks like! Yes, daydream believer I am!
  4. Today was the first game that I have taken my 8 and 6 year old boys to see our beloved Norwich. Yes, I''m not a frequent Pinkun poster, but the city are in my heart and felt that the disapointment from today deserved a post. Thoughts from today: 1. Firstly, thank you Sir John Ruddy for coming over after your warm up and having your photo taken with my boys. Much appreciated and still a legend in my eyes and after today will certaimly be between the sticks next week!!! 2. Dear Norwich players, try telling your 8 year old son a positive about today to stop him crying as the 4th goal went in! Come on guys, someone step up to the mark out there on the pitch and lead the team! 3. Yes Alex, Delia, Russell: your club is our club and as fans (especially new young fans who get the Arsenals, Man U''s and Spurs thrown at them at school) we deserve more from you! We travel long and far, and yes I know we can not win every game, but please please try and give it 100%. As manager, player and board you are in a privilaged position and get to do what you love doing. i.e be so close to football that most of us would love to experience instead of our dead end careers!. 4. At 41 years old, I''m used to the ups and downs of being a Canary, but I do hope that someday my sons generation could experience the passion, desire, top flight football, hell - even a trophy that the mighty yellows could lift high, alas that seems so far away at present! So on we go to Leeds at home and fingers crossed (and much more) my boys see our beloved Norwich put in a performance that gets them to fall in love with the club. OTBC
  5. Nice day out? • Tried to compete against a far superior team (transfer budget helps). • Home fans - Plastic prawn sandwich supporters, who sit and happy clap when they win a corner. • Away fans – Could do better. Suggest that Dalia buys free beer to all away fans to get some sort of 12th man going! • Pies – Not bad • Beer – Lots of • Game – CH, you will never be able to give a pre match team talk that inspires the lads to just go out and give it one hell of a go from the off!! Malky, the door is ajar and the welcome matt is almost there. Need a 12th man and a new manager.
  6. 5 of us are coming from across Sussex. Meeting in Dicks bar at the ground. (Opens approx 5.30)
  7. Happy days. In the Arkell''s stand on saturday. Dry as i enjoy my beer and city win.
  8. Off to Swindon tomorrow with the wife and boy to visit an old pal for the weekend. Still got to tell her that the mighty city are in town and have got a couple of tickets. My mate is taking me to the Merlin before hand for a few jars and he said that there is plenty of parking around the area.
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