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  1. Love to believe you but one thing that worries me is we don''t have world class players like Chelsea but lets not spoil your dream as I am sure we would love it to happen.
  2. It all seems quiet on the Yobo front,is he here yet,was he playing regularly for his old club,is he indeed fit.If all is ok with him will he start Saturday and who will he replace or has he come just to keep the bench warm until we get an injurey or even sling him on in added time up front when we are yet again a goal down.I really hope he comes and wakes this team up and not just for an easy pay packet,how much passion will he have for this club,lets hope it will all be positive and brings a much needed change to this at the moment leaderless team.
  3. Once again many thanks all,the advice I have taken is to get in touch with Hoots and offer my services up front and if he declines I shall have a Wes rant.Strangely this site is keeping me sane at the moment is that a first.
  4. I know all you very helpful people on here will help me here,ankle in plaster,non weight bearing,2 crutches,, getting on a bit,how easy is it getting in the ground,lower river end but still some steps then sitting in quite cramped postion then getting out the ground without being in the way of the masses.Dont say leave before the end as I feel most people will be doing that on Sat.So yes I will leave at full time,thats sorted.I think some of you may say its not worth the bother but already missed 2 home games and cant face another afternoon of radio Norfolk finding out the goal they thought we just scored has in fact gone out for a throw in.So any advice from you lot helpful or just taking the p*ss wil be very welcome.
  5. I suppose everybody could swallow pride and actually look to the good and safety of this team and for gods sake get Wes back in the side,anyone would be peed off the way he has been treated,a lot more players keep their place in the side after awfull performances,so I for one support the man,he may be our only hope now.
  6. With our front 2 not scoring would it be worth putting Snodds in the middle up front and Redmond on the right,it cant be any worse,he will have a go at goal and it is becoming a sorry sight watching R V W struggling so much,just how long will it be before he gets another goal,I do feel so sorry for him but the Prem is not for him at the moment.Sat may not be the game to try Snodds there as Hoots will be playing for a draw or anything less than 6 against us.West Ham may be the game to try it Or perhaps Yobo is a secret forward after all even I can recall Rob Newman playing up front in the good old days having said that in the past we would always pop up with a result against a big team so Saturday watch out Man City we are due one.
  7. where does Hughton go from now,nothings going right,Man C home Saturday,another must win at West Ham away.Non of us want to go down but can we honestly stay up the way things are going even Hoopers goals have dried up,things are bleak.Anyone here got any good thoughts.
  8. Just a simple yes or no,keep Wes or let him go,then if yes play him or not.I will start yes and yes..
  9. Right ,who on here would play Wes at Cardiff,who would you leave out and what formation would you play or would you get rid of him today or keep him and not play him for being a naughty boy like most of the season when he had not done anything wrong.As I have said before he is our most skillfull player and should play ahead of some of our other very average players,if indeed they were playing well fair enough leave him out but no one is so he has got to play and let him play just where he ing wants to.
  10. If Hoolahan still here he must play,he is the only really quality player in squad at the moment,how we miss him when not playing,he may be the only player to save us.Does C H really know best?
  11. Thank you laid up after ankle op at moment so need a laugh or an away win,so any jokes you lot have please pass on and then 3 points Sat will help me recover I hope.
  12. I did not meet any of these girls after the play off final when drowning my sorrows,when some tender loving care was needed,What may have put them off was indeed the toxic smell from the underpants dept caused from the penalty shoot out.
  13. Sorry about that,I will do a hundred lines for that mistake or it may be I just cant spell and thank you for showing me up as a thicko.
  14. If we do loose at Cardiff where does this leave this season,some teams around us are picking up points as we are at the moment but its a case of putting on a run now.With Man City soon we need the points Saturday,will we have enough to win in what will be a very tight game,Hughton will have a massive job picking the team he never seems to get a side that plays for the 90 mins and they will have to Saturday as Cardiff will be sure this is a game they must win.I would love to see us win 2 0 but can any one on here see that.
  15. The midfield have no vision for quick balls through to the forwards,they hold it to long or pass short or backwards and by the time we do go forward the defence is organised and we cant get through.Hooper makes runs all the time,does not get the ball or makes space for others and that''s not used,he must wonder why he bothers.As for R V W he does not seem up to this level,every game I hope he improves but it does not happen,just hope he is better next season but that may be to late,at present we are a poor team in a bunch of others and it will be a battle to the end.To stay up we need to score and it has to start Saturday but I really cant see it at the moment the way we are playing.Is it the coaching staff or just a bunch of average players playing below their ability that''s the question?
  16. Lets all be happy we are not needing 4 points to stay up at this stage of the season,then some of the moans would be correct,so job done,well done to all players and Mr Lambert and coaching staff,lets enjoy we are not scrapping at the bottom
  17. As its friday and lets be first Lambert to Barca,its got to be said but in reallity he knows where to stay as no job is bigger than keeping us in the prem next season who wants to manage anywhere else anyway certainly not Villa.
  18. What is the next result you look for after cities,are their clubs you may have supported years ago,or just check scums to make sure they have lost or you just like another club a shade for some obscure reason.Here goes mine is Southend and I am ready for a bashing.
  19. It seems a shame that the end of season seems to be ending on a downer after such a great start and middle we are now struggling some what, is it down to tiredness or the quality is a bit on the wane.Lets hope the boys can pull a big effort out the bag sat and get a result they need to finish the season on a high and then most of us moaners can have a happy summer and the Villa game can be a party because we do have something to celebrate really a season beyond belief.It proberbly is a shade better than getting promotion last season as at the start we were hoping to just stay up by the skin of our teeth.Liverpool will be a tough,tough game but such a great one to win so lets all get behind the team who ever Lambert picks and send Kenny and his boys home pointless.Just one point it would ruin my season if we let Downing score.
  20. Paul you have under cut me its your your trip to Gambia then.
  21. Yes I think I can get the new city kit cheap,if enough of you finance me on a short trip to Thailand (2 weeks min),I now think due to the fact we are now Prem for good and an international brand I can pick up the shirts in a Bangkok market.The slight drawback may be the names on the back but if you can put up with Hult,Pocklington, Hawson,Fax,ect,I think they may retail over here at £10 a shot with a free bottle of Chang for every one that finances me.My main concern now is that NCFC will read this and  I may be raided at 4pm one morning and taken to Norwich Castle for torture so I may have to leave in the near future so please get your donations to me quite soon,this can be done my meeting me at Portman Road Sat afternoon at 3pm,I know this is strange but it is one place we will be alone as no one will be there bar us,look forward to seeing you all just bring cash and make sure you are not followed and you will get your shirts before the start of next season
  22. I must admit shocked myself with that one,I will suprise you that I have never been on that dreaded prog,I think it maybe that I go to games (if I have enough money) so I cant start my ranting with what a great comentary,I listen every week,It sounded a great/bad game and then say I have supported city for 60 years but never been to Carrow Road,it may be the sign of things to come for me  who knows.Thanks for the car park info,they are robbing bast**ds then.
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