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  1. I think that might have been Daryl Sutch. He left to play for Juventus.
  2. Only care about the division Naaaridge are in. Next season I''ll mostly be caring about the Championship and won''t give a monkey''s chuff about the Premieship (overpaid mercenaries) or League One (gim little teams who play in red or blue from grim little towns ooop north).
  3. Well and truly past his best before date but a nap to score against us on 27 March unfortunately.
  4. Another surpressed individual "living a lie" methinks? Let it out girlfriend!
  5. I sense some real bitterness there. I''m no psychologist but I''m guesing it stems from the self loathing and disgust you feel from "living a lie". I''m right aren''t I? Aren''t I? Love and kisses Gaylord
  6. Will you help him? Will you have to wear latex gloves to examine him internally? He''s allergic to latex.
  7. He will certainly bolster the reserves subs bench
  8. I am a zider drinker, I drinks it all of the day...
  9. As we''re normally on the receiving end of many an "oh arrrh" related taunt, it will be a refreshing change to play a bunch of REAL wurzels on Saturday. Are Yoevil the biggest wurzels in the league? Gaylord
  10. There is a cap of 20000 season tickets. If you assume that the vast majority of the 19000 real fans who''ve got them renew, there obviously won''t be many elft for the fairweather Jonny-come-Latelys. Simples.
  11. Looking in to the crystal ball.... if Lambo was to leave, would Culverhouse be up to stepping in to the breach? Personally, I think yes. With the added bonus of continuity which has been sadly lacking in the recent history of managerial reigns.
  12. I assume that would be super economy saver off peak ticket, you know what these tight fistest Jock''s are like!
  13. It''s just a very odd comment to make. Why mention leaving, even in a throw-away remark, at such a pivotal stage of the season. Lets hope Celtic win every game from now on!
  14. From yesterday''s EDP article on the importance of the fans.... "The crowd I think are brilliant and whenever I leave this football club I will always look back and think, ''what a crowd Norwich City have got''," he [Lambert] said. Is leaving already on his mind? Where would he go? No point going to the Championship, we''ll be there in a few weeks anyway. Premiership? What is the point of going to no mark clubs like Hull, Bolton, Wigan, Blackburn which, in reality, are smaller outfits than |Norwich punching way above their weight and heading for an inevitable Portsmouth stylee fall (ha ha, as Nelson would say). I think the most likely option is the Bhoys and a shot at the Champions League. Pity about having to play domestically in an overblown pub league. Gaylord
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