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  1. Villa for me, still retains a little bit of that ''old school'' atmosphere... shame it wasn''t full when we went.
  2. [quote user="Shack Attack"][quote user="ncfcstar"] Are you serious Wiz?[/quote]   Did you really just ask that? Arguing with Wiz is a lot like wrestling a pig. You both get covered in sh*t but only the pig enjoys it.   [:D] [/quote]I`d take wrestling the pig over arguing with Wizard; with a pig you`d have more than an outside chance of having reasoned debate.
  3. [quote user="lake district canary"]While it''s good to see Malky doing well as a manager, I don''t see him as a future Norwich manager.   I am not sure why, but maybe its because I think the relationship between him and the club has been spoiled - because of the way he left the club.       It feels as if  the club did not do right when they sold him - should have kept him on imo.        Therefore, I think - would he want to come back to a club that treated him like they did?  I don''t think he would feel very positive about coming back here with the memory of the way his premiership playing dream was taken away.   I am a Malky fan and wish him well, but I don''t see Norwich as one of his future clubs............I could be wrong of course. [/quote]Malky is a Pro-Footballer and as such, I am pretty sure that he can put his exit from the club into perspective, as can I; after all it was the manager at the time and not the club who initiated the sale. Worthy, rightly or wrongly (in my opinion wrongly) felt that Malky would not be able to cut it in the Prem. I believe breaking up the defensive partnership of Flem and malky cost us our Prem status.
  4. Cristiano Ronaldo; though I did see Eduardo Vargas play the other night in the Copa Sud America final and thought at the time that I may well remember the night in the future only to say that I saw `him`play.. Awesome talent...
  5. [quote user="M.E.B.O"]Match of the day now and world class keepers to watch. All I will say is when Fraser Forster was here everyone was saying he was the best keeper we have had, he leaves and suddenly he''s overrated and Ruddys the next England number one. Seriously I love this club but if you get offended by saying we need to replace a current player, you do need to get a grip. There''s being a city fan, but for christs sake I''m suddenly a binner when I think someone''s overrated. Soon as he leaves can''t wait for people to say what I have said tonight but will be ok as he will be an ex player. No doubt whenLambert moves on, which I wouldn''t begrudge him one bit after what he''s done it will be ''oh he inherited Gunns team'' Nothing against fellow city fans but seriously the replys some up the simple childish mentality of some city fans. So much for ''discussion'' board. Binner is the only discussion bar one or 2. Night all, better not sign any players this year would be disgusting way to treat a squad that''s got us 9th, heaven forbid ambition. I thought those days were gone.[/quote]Mate, put your toys back in your pram. You have hardly made an inciteful post; going well over the top stating that Ruddy is useless and overated backed up by fairly flimsy observations - then you go on to question the `mentallity` of people posting on this thread. In response to the thread, I think that you are right in so much as I`d like some experienced cover for Ruddy whilst allowing Rudd to get some games under his belt, with an instant recall clause within the loan.. I genuinely don`t think that any of the names that you have mentioned are anywhere close to Ruddy in terms of (recent) top-flight experience. Schmiecal is and will allways live in his dad`s shadow and has Stockdale has half the amount of Premier starts that Ruddy has already made, the difference is that Stockdale made them 3 years ago.... Sorensen would be good cover but his wages are beyond us and he is pushing on a bit.
  6. [quote user="M.E.B.O"]Realistically Schmiecal, Feilding, Sorenson, Martin Fulop, Carlo Nash, De Vries, Ross Turnall, Brad Jones, just a few suggestions off the top of my head. Like I said even if you don''t think he needs replacing, surely you see we need competition in that area, Declan Rudd and Steer go on loan, Ruddy steps his game up or steps aside, we keep a clean sheet maybe and everyone''s happy.[/quote]Christ on a bicycle! You point has been rendered virtually invalid by most of the names that you have cited. I especially like the suggestion of Carlo Nash, who incidentally has made 10 appearances since leaving Preston in 2007.. You do have a point about getting Rudd out on loan.
  7. The Irony of your last post City 1st is so delicious I am coming back for more... "ps I wouldn''t take yourself so seriously if I were, I certainly don''t" You obviously do chum, your writing style suggests you take yourself very seriously indeed. That is why I branded you as being supercilious... I really cannot be bothered to trawl through your articulate ramblings about the state of affairs at "Poorman Road" (Is that one of yours?). You have definitely made reference to Intellectually challenged and/or Farmhands in a very drole manner in your obsessive Ipswich ramblings....
  8. Sorry, I don''t want to get involved with someone else''s ''beef'' but is City 1st able to respond to a fellow poster and coincidentally a fellow Norwich fan without being so supercilious and arrogant? Everytime I come on here, there is a thread with him spilling bile.. At least, in the past, we could count on him to start multiple pointless threads about his beloved Ipswich Town inserting hilarious witicisms about the ...''intellectually challenged farmhands down the A140''. I wish he''d just stick to that..
  9. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]in 20 years of supporting the club Carl Robinson is the worst player I have ever seen in my life! I have seen Sunday league players better than him... how the hell did he ever get into the pro game?[/quote] Raymond De Waard and Fernando Derveld
  10. I could never understand why the fans sided with Grunt, he hung Safri out to dry. I used to speak toYoussef quite a bit as we both had a mate in common and he loved it here and was gutted the way it ended. A real gentleman and a great fan of Norfolk and despite that, a great no nonsense midfielder. Had Grant retained him then he may have held on to his own job a little longer..
  11. [quote user="Mellowhoop.on.tour"]Think the scrubs area would be favoured imh due to not being far away. Ticket prices are down and ST holders being refunded... Not sure how yet, sure it will be money off next year. Mackie not back yet, be few months I''d imagine. Be untreated to see if he makes the squad.. Not the biggest fan but works his nuts off and handy player.[/quote] What about the former Unigate Dairy site the other side of White City road, behind BBC Technology? Has that been developed yet?
  12. Well there are four people in San Ignacio Town, Belize C.A who regularly wear City shirts; I might be responsible however! Andy Hunt, local lad and former Charlton player has a hotel in the area and could not believe his eyes when he walked into a bar and saw 4 Mayan men and a pasty white Englishman wearing Canary yellow..
  13. Bielsa is a personal hero of mine and I would have loved to see him manage in The UK. His press conferences are the stuff of legend and he has moulded the current Chilean team into the best in memory. He''s a very principaled man and his departure is a massive loss to Chilean football; however I think he''s better suited to international management. That does not answer the 3-3-1-3 question though!
  14. [quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="BlyBlyBabes"]   OTBC [/quote] [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"]   Roeder is the best thing for City since O''Neill There''s little doubt in my mind And I believe it is incumbent on all true fans to keep up the pressure on the NCFC board to ensure that it does not all end in tragedy with another Windass moment. Are we approaching The Tipping Point of the Delia regime? Come on the board - time for a switch to more ambitious prudence. Catch this tide at the flood or perish. And that''s the way I see it. One love. OTBC [/quote]   http://services.pinkun.com/FORUMS/PINKUN/CS/forums/AddPost.aspx?PostID=1143382&Quote=True   [*-)] [/quote] Good work Nutty. Have you moved your seat yet?    
  15. In order for Lambert to relegate us twice, it would take him 2 seasons. Just imagine the amount of times you could change your mind in that period...
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