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  1. Not involved in their friendly squad tonight.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SL8honNpOr0 I''ll just leave this here.
  3. We''ve changed our travel plans so we now have three official Club Canary coach tickets on sale at £20 each. We live in the Gorleston area for collection. PM if interested.
  4. Having thousands of fans home and away and barely making a sound for the whole game is what''s embarrassing. It''s about time more of our fans started getting behind the team vocally. The lads who sang for the whole 90 minutes yesterday were a real credit to the club.
  5. Home and away has been simply pathetic this season. It''s all right filling Carrow Road and taking good numbers away from home but the noise level is quite frankly embarrassing. Maybe the team would actually start to perform a little better if instead of sitting down on your a*se waiting for something to happen and then booing, you actually stood up,sang your hearts out loud and proud from the first minute and got behind your f*cking team.
  6. Out. Should never have been put in the job in the first place. Today was tragic.
  7. Teams are packing the defence against us and we simply don''t have that creative spark to unlock them and we''re constantly giving soft goals away. I think people need to realise that our so called superior squad is nowhere near as good as people make it to be and to be perfectly honest I don''t think we will finish any higher than 10th.
  8. Blackburn and Brentford had stone wallers not given against us so we can''t complain. It works both ways backwards and forwards over the season.
  9. To the tune of the Liverpool Brendan Rodgers song Lewis Grabban, Lewis Grabban, Lewis Grabban goal machine, he''s on his way to glory, score the goals like Holty did and kids will have a story.
  10. 1. Derby 2. Wigan 3. Fulham 4. Wolves 5. Watford 6. Nottingham Forest 9. Norwich 11. Ipswich 22. Huddersfield 23. Rotherham 24. Blackpool Top Scorer: Hooper
  11. [quote user="Darth Catbeard"]With the squad we have or the funds we''d have available should it be broken up I''d be very disappointed with finishing outside the top 4. It''s going to be tough though, I''d be very surpirsed if anyone who finishes above Fulham doesn''t go up and while Wigan and Derby have inferior teams to us, they''re acclimatized to this division, have good managers and should be right up there. One v one we''d be favorites against pretty much anyone but over the course of 46 games with acclimatization and team cohesion to work on and considering possible injuries we can''t expect or demand autos. Ruddy Martin Turner Bennett Ollson Tettey Bennet Fer Redmond Lafferty RVW/Hooper/Grabban Plus proven top Championship alternatives of Becchio, Surman, Hoolahan, Howson, Johnson etc and this is assuming we make no more signings and lose Bassong and RVW/Hooper or maybe both That should be enough to overwhelm pretty much anyone in that league for 90 minutes, that''s nearly as ridiculous as Newcastles Championship team was a few years ago. Even under Hughton and in Adams'' first game last year we completely dominated Fulham and Cardiff despite being toothless in the final third and poorly coached in defence with roughly the same team If we finish outside the play offs like some are predicting it would be a catastrophic failure by the management team and board.[/quote] Good post.
  12. Interested to know people''s views about the coming season. Personally I think we will struggle to find our feet in the first half of the season before getting into our stride second half. However I feel we will miss out on the top 6 and finish 9th.
  13. I remember watching him play for Gorleston after he left City. A very underrated player and yes I remember that Arsenal game too when he scored two goals and prompted that "Oh Mee oh My" Pink Un headline (Bertie Mee was Arsenal manager at the time). Still makes me laugh - I miss the days of witty Saturday night headlines in the Pink Un!!
  14. I think QPR''s promotion is a contender for most undeserved of all time. Stuttered along all season and barely scored any goals after all that money spent to then get outplayed for 90 minutes in the Play Off final. The Play Offs might be great entertainment but they''ve got their negatives. They''re not complaining of course but if it was us I''d be honest and say we don''t deserve this. But hey that''s sport.
  15. We''ll be 14th at Christmas, Adams will be sacked. A proper manager will then come in greatly improve us but it will be far to late and we''ll end up 7/8th. A realistic call.
  16. I could have wrote the same word for word. I can''t believe what''s happened.
  17. In a dream world, Steve Clarke. In reality, probably Neil Lennon.
  18. Gutted and disappointed. I hope we can come back next season and challenge near the top but unless we have an inspired manager coming in, I fear we are on a downward spiral again. Not convinced that Malky is the answer.
  19. Proud to say I was in the away end, probably the best night of my life.
  20. Sorry guys but we''re down. I''ve been pretty hopeful and positive things would turn round all season but they haven''t and it''s not going to change now, new manager or not. We simply aren''t good enough, haven''t scored enough goals and thrown away too many points against teams around us and now we have run out of games. We must have played the most games against teams in the bottom half than any other bottom half club given the run in and we still only have 32 points. It makes me f*cking angry to be honest, after two years in the Prem and surviving through the most difficult circumstances last season, and the money we spent. We''ve gone backwards again. Hughton will get the brunt of the blame but the board should take equal responsibility in my opinion for leaving the decision to sack Hughton to late in the season.
  21. If we are still in the Prem then Steve Clarke. If we are in the Championship then Tim Sherwood.
  22. [quote user="Gingerpele"][quote user="pliff"]Because some of us want to support our club instead of constantly bashing it COYY [/quote] I''m the only person who questioned going because the previous time I went it was the worst footballi experience I''ve had. And I don''t bash the club. So wonderful point you''ve made there. Well done. And to the above poster who quoted me and says there will be a cracking atmosphere... Umm. It''s Fulham there fans are terrible, I think they believe they are at a library. And ''even our fans might make some noise'' the away supporters always do. Strange strange comment to make[/quote] When I said Fulham is always a cracking atmosphere, I meant in the away section. I agree the home fans are shocking at Fulham. I should have been clearer there sorry. And our away support hasn''t been that loud of late in my opinion, was poor at Southampton.
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