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  1. Why make such an assumption? If I''d meant that I would have said that. Why would I hide the fact I created a page about an ex-player? Page aside; good luck to the lad at his new "big" club. I just hope the glorious town of Boro provides the necessary amenities for such a star that ours didn''t. At least he''ll be used to the smog coming from up north.
  2. Just stumbled across a page dedicated to our most recent canary to fly the nest (if 3 cup appearances qualifies him as a canary?!). For all those people that were slightly confused by his ridiculous parting comments check it out and join in the banter@CBINbutterfieldCan''t believe it''s not butterfield
  3. He said something about having a fantashtic time...
  4. [quote user="Mr Korat"]Is that the place Grant Holt mentioned on his twitter?[/quote]
  5. Is that the place Grant Holt mentioned on his twitter?
  6. Landlord you''re really not short of ideas are you! I think I''ll stick with the first one for comedy value although I guess this one is a little more terrace friendly! PS. Is Potters in Norwich? I thought I knew most pubs but never heard of this place.
  7. Well Lambo we''re the only ones that can change that.... join in if you know the words this Friday! Anyone else find it offensive?
  8. Simple things please simple minds I guess Pedro! Nice to see something original.....your song is old, boring and must have been sung about almost every player in the world!Although the language is a little strong, I think it does have some comedy value.Let''s hope he has a better game Friday and perhaps you''ll start us off Landlord?It''s a night game.... the kids should ALL be in bed.
  9. There isn''t one at Newcastle''s St. James Park
  10. [quote user="Lambert is King"] [quote user="Mr Korat"]Korey should of. He was immense once again this Sat. Hard to beleive he''s only in his first season and still only 19. Great future ahead of him. [/quote]   Funny thing football and how short memories we have, there was a thread on here through March saying Korey looked tired and needed a rest - o well [/quote]   I never said he needed a rest on this forum? Although I agreed with the people saying he probably did, as did Lambert. That doesn''t alter our judgement on him as a player does it? Looking tired and needing a rest isn''t a reflection of his ability, its a reflection of fatique. As any player, playing a large number of games in a short period would experience. Especially one in his FIRST season of senior football. I too hope he''s not false hope like the aforementioned Chris L and Forbes. Doubt it the boys class!
  11. Korey should of.He was immense once again this Sat. Hard to beleive he''s only in his first season and still only 19.Great future ahead of him.
  12. [quote user="The Duke"] To the tune of Liverpools song for Fernando Torres (or the animals went in two by two take your pick) De dum de dum de dum de dum Mac namee de dum de dum de dum de dum Mac namee he came to us from swindon now hes worth three million Antony Macnamee Norwich''s speed machine Does that even work?!     [/quote]
  13. [quote user="K Lo"]...not as annoying as putting an apostrophe for a plural. " fans'' "? What''s that meant to mean? A quick grammar lesson... 1 fan. 2 fans. 1 fan''s ticket were £10. 2 fans'' tickets were £10 each.[/quote] If you''re only gonna come onto a football related forum and spout about grammar at least get it right!! 1 fan''s ticket WERE £10  ??? Did make me laugh though
  14. I could go for some of that too, Spillane is a far better all round footballer than Nelson. As stated before Nels is adequate cover and a good old fashioned, ''robust'' league one CB! I was genuinely impressed with Spills attacking ability last week, so maybe put him out wide when we bring on Askou to give him some more fitness?
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