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  1. Why was not the gentleman from the Diss area, that gave money to the club, l think he paid part of Huck''s wages, invited onto the board in appreciation.
  2. Is Gunn going the same way as his predessors, and signing midfield players, when we have a greater need for players in other positions.
  3. Norwich reserves are to play in the football combination this season.
  4. Was not the fee stated as £3m at the time of the transfer?.
  5. Broadstairs, Was it not Ron Sanders that got us Laurie Sheffield. He did score a hat trick against Reg Mathews Englands number one keeper, playing for Coventry City. His first shot at the river end he almost knocked down the corner flat!.
  6. Mr Gunn if you wish to manage a football team, start by learning your trade. Apply for the job at Kings Lynn, the last manager made a good job of it. Reading bits from here and there it looks like you are BEGGING for the Norwich job, You had your chance and failed, at Lynn you would get the chance to learn.
  7. First as a third division club we cannot afford a Chief  EX this is the job of the Chairman, if he is unable or unwilling to do it, he too must be on the move. Re Gunn as manager NEVER, in his 19 games in charge we heard too many times ''They never turned up'' they may not had the skills, but they lacked MOTIVATIO, which should have come from the Manager.. Going back to the last time we were in the 3rd Div.finnishing bottom, going cap in hand seeking re-election we had 11 players giving 100% week in and week out. We tried making a manager  from the players, many like Lowe, he lost the respect afforded him due to results, and left the club 
  8. Let us not forget Ian Crook, he must have had played some part in the team playing s they are, Give him a thank you, while all are thanking Gunn
  9. Sir, l understand you at some time offered £20m to NCFC the terms are not too clear to me,.lf you have Norwich City at heart why not buy up Ched Evans contract, and loan him to Norwich. lf at a later date Nortwich decide to transfer him, your outlay could be returned to you, any profit you could make arrangement with Norwich prior to you outlay.
  10. Roy Hollis joined from Gt.Yarmouth Town, 3 goals in his Debut game. He never looked back
  11. The tears shed were TEARS OF JOY
  12. Could we afford to put Roeder on gardening leave ?. I think his ego would make him look for another position as manager. Lee or Mike Walker in charge, on a short contract, his wages would be partly made up by the extra supporters he would maybe attract.
  13. How come a tean like Portsmouth with gates of 18 to 22k, can afford Englands number one  keeper James,  Kanu,  Crouch, Defoe and all the other high wage earners  and Norwich with an average of 24k plus, get more and more in debt each season. Be you be an manager in or out, he takes the can , its now that matters his CV is of no interest at this time. Loan players are a money earner to those that can  to loan out players, to get fit, for their return to the parent club, and it seems our manager is pleased to help them out!.
  14. One of the few Strikers, that strikes. The best name ive seen mentioned.
  15. Why , with money so tight do the clubs agree to have another sub in the squad, more wages to find or you name players not good enough to be in the squad in the first place.Many clubs are gearing them selves for Bandruptcy.
  16. Will the last one to leave PLEASE turn off the light!.
  17. Should Norwich let Huckerby go, as l seems, he will have to be replaced, which is going to cost money even then we may not get a player as good (Which has happened before). lt seems its not his skills that are not required but Mr. Huckerby.  Cureton and Huck''s are good players -Good players don''t turn into bad players overnight, They will both give Norwich good service GIVEN the chance.
  18. In the last two games two goals have been conceded with no player on the far post..Why?
  19. Looks like this is it. G.R is having a problem getting players in, for some reason, could it be players no longer rate Norwich as a good team that is going places.
  20. Wiz. its not that we lost, its the manor in which we lost .
  21. With the two players leaving , do we have to pay up their contracts?.
  22. l don''t think his heart is with Norwich. As his loan contract finished on Tuesday of this week, l don''t think we could have exstended it ''till Jan. l think it had to be completed by Monday, you cannot extend a contract that doesn''t exist.am l right Mr Doncaster? He has had plenty of time to make up his mind, thinkin of the ifs and Buts! Jimmy Smith has said he wants to stay, if it is possible and he is not sure of a starting place
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