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  1. I''m not saying I''d expect him to ever land it, but just interested me how Grayson was mentioned.
  2. I wonder if he hasn''t been linked due to our failure to win our first game, had we won 5-0, would he be in the running? I see Grayson has been mentioned, mind you he is the ALMIGHTY Leeds boss. Football is a strange game.
  3. you''re an idiot and should be banned from Carrow road, along with the Vuvuzellas.
  4. Ron, you are right. It''s a habit we had often last season too. How many times have we come back or have to come back from behind. Premiership season 04/05 - we had a temporary period known as'' "the come back kings" and that was then.
  5. Watford were better than us yes and if anyone deserved the win it was them. However, a draw wouldn''t have been tooooooo unfair on either side. And yes, we were caught several times at the back. There were positives.
  6. People have almost written us off already. We scored two goals, two of their goals were deflected. If you realllllly want to, you could argue their third goal should have been a free kick. We had periods of play where we looked promising, however we need to stop passing the ball... to no one. It''s bound to take us a few games to get going and feel the pace, you saw this by how sharp Watford were on the ball at times, however like I said, there were moments we were too. Hoops looked a lot more comfortable in the second half, I thought Martin was generally ok. Defence, made some cock ups, not quite sure there but come on, it''s the opening game. 7-1?
  7. While obviously it''s hugely frustrating, especially if he makes it to fitness, you do have to remember footballers are not above the law and it''s just unfortunate. A banker would have to be in court when and where they were summoned. However in contradiction to my own point lol, Kiefer Sutherland was permitted to postpone his jail time last year in order to finish shooting the season of 24. that is Jack Bauer though. On the Ball city! Cannot wait for friday!
  8. What''s with all this "Holt won''t play often" rubbish. Let''s just see how the season plays out. If Wes can hit form, we have to be laughing right?
  9. Obviously he could go to someone like.. Wolves or Bolton but I believe it''s still quite a jump especially as he left Colwho rather quickly. Ok yes he completed the season with us and did a (excuse my French) ******* fantastic job but this is the season which will test him. It''s worth him taking his time to the top, instead of jumping quickly and risking his reputation.
  10. It''s not in Lambert''s best interest to move on yet, this is his critical season.
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