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  1. Over 60s ticket as my dad is now unwell and cannot make it. Let me know if interested. Thanks
  2. I have a spare over 60 ticket - my dad can''t now make it. Not sure if that helps?
  3. GJL, yes I agree with you- thought the same thing. I had guessed he was mid to late 70''s to be honest. Hadn''t appreciated you young he was when managing that great Everton team of the mid 80''s
  4. Paul Lambert was German wasn''t he? Given how much he goes on about his bl00dy 9 months in Dortmund, you''d have thought he was born there and spent all his life there!!
  5. Dave Phillips was born in West Germany - Wegburg, if my Panini sticker memory serves me right! That''s about as close as I think we can genuinely get!!
  6. I called out Gestede as an ideal signing for us as soon as we were promoted, so would be thrilled if this were to happen. He''s the perfect player when playing one up front, a real handful of a player whose workrate is always 100%. Far better than Rhodes, who wants chances on a plate far too much like the Wolf for my liking, something we cannot afford in our position, as we need full workrate from ALL players. Hopefully that''s why the Larrivey offer has indeed gone cold.
  7. I''m one of those season ticket holders who can''t make the play off game. I''ve been a season ticket holder since 1985 and would not dream of missing such a game, but fact is im on holiday at the moment! When booking in January, giving the option of missing either the final day of the regular season, potential play off semis or potential play off final, I opted for the middle choice!! There was no way in hell I would want to miss the slim chance (as it was back inJan) of missing the chance to see Norwich play at Wembley - I''ve been waiting all my life for that opportunity, having been too young to attend the Milk Cup Final. So all in all, I settled for a Turkish bar to watch last Saturday and will do the same this week. Remember that others may be on holiday too as not everyone could have pre planned a play off semi when booking their hols many months ago, especially if you value your relationship with the other half, otherwise I''d have been cancelling any potential holiday throughout the whole of May!!!!
  8. Blackburn v Milllwall game on Turs is important. A Millwall win will see Brighton just 3 points clear..., And therefore a HUGE incentive to take something off Watford at home Sat lunch.
  9. Goal difference ONLY comes into play after the final game has finished, so for tomorrow night, the most important aspect is winning the game first and foremost. Both Rotherham and especially Fulham at home will be chances to rack up the goals. But one slip up from either of the top 3 teams could signal goal difference irrelevant so let''s concentrate on getting the 3 points first and foremost tomorrow night. I''d still tak a 1-0 win if offered!
  10. In that he has proved to be an enigma at club level throughout his career, despite being highly rated when he started out. Yet at international level ''he clicks'' and scores goals. It does of course help when that country is NI, whereby he''s pretty much guaranteed a start when fit, which helps to encourage a ''club feel''.
  11. Interesting that Villa have appointments two of our ex-players and coaches as their temporary management team! Andy Marshall we all know about but Scott Marshall led our U-21s for a couple of seasons prior to Neil Adams U21 spell.
  12. Well done. Jason Shackell is the correct answer. We actually had him on loan from wolves when we were relegated. They were promoted the week before our relegation and he had made enough appearances for them earlier in the season to qualify for a medal. Can''t believe he''s 31! Doesn''t seem long since he broke into our team as a youngster!!
  13. Which former Norwich City permanent player was relegated with City into league 1, eight days after receiving a promotion medal to the Premier League - and currently still playing in the PL?
  14. The programme wouldn''t answer this for you as they would not know a few days prior to the game who the subs will be. You will need a programme from AFTER this fixture so you can look back at the stats page to see who the named sub (no 14) was.
  15. Costly loan for someone whose hardly played for 2 years?! No thanks. Wide berth.
  16. That would be tragic. 7.30am and collision with a walker doesn''t sound good. It doesn''t sound like the sort of round where you would walk your dog. Our thoughts are with him and his family.
  17. King Canary - great point, I agree with you. Maybe he was learning off Holty? Ridgman - that''s hilarious!!
  18. How funny this post is! We released Martin in the summer of 2013 following a year where he had been loaned out - at a lowly level and scoring very few by the way. That same summer, following 2 successful PL seasons, us fans were getting very excited by paying £8.5m for a highly rated European Striker. Now, we all know the direction things turned after that, but whatever the rights and wrongs of the RVW transfer, it''s clear that the intention was to raise the bar in player quality and stature of the club. It didn''t work out, but if the club had said back in 2013 they were not going to buy that big striker and instead make Chris Martin our main striker, there would have been carnage!! CM actually only scored 4 goals on our Champ season and was actually outshone by Jackson and Wilbraham. Despite that, Lambert still gave him a chance in some early PL games. He didn''t take it. Things move on in football. He served us well and his departure came at a sensible time for both club and player. Deal with it. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  19. Some reassuring good comments against the negative ones! I have no association to Hereford Utd whatsoever, but as a football fan of my local team, I fully appreciate the positive community aspect that our football club plays. It brings many of us together in a way that nothing else remotely does, whether you are earning £1m a year of scraping by day to day - we all mix together as one whenever our team plays Whether that brings together 500 or 50,000 is immaterial, it plays that same part in our communities when you take a step back. We all have busy lives, but regardless of other things we may have on our minds, football is always there for us to enjoy (and yes, the downs makes the ups even MORE enjoyable!). I wish good luck to Hereford starting again from scratch - if there is one positive, it will ensure that the community will be even stronger as a result, once that new team is up and running. Just look at AFC Wimbledon, Chester FC and even Kings Lynn. Otbc
  20. Need reminding what following our clubs, as true fans, really mean? Just listen to the audio within the below link. Poor chap. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hereford-worcester-30542821
  21. Found this little beauty on YouTube and what a watch it is too! For a generation of fans that have missed out on truly great FA cup ties involving ncfc, sit back and watch this! It may not be the free flowing pure football, but for end to end excitement it surely doesn''t get better! I''ve been following ncfc for 30 years but this match still remains my all time favourite!! Sit back and enjoy... http://youtu.be/worZrE5_F7E http://youtu.be/va8zj8hnVzY
  22. I think there is some truth in this. I heard this very thing direct from somebody I trust last week. The only difference being us was Hooivelds own choice to travel back by train.
  23. White Hart Lane, FA Cup Semi Final replay v Luton Town. Ron Ashman and ??
  24. Well it''s Portman Road, circa 1968-1973??
  25. Tim, The first season video was 1988/89, not the season prior. I would love to see season videos for 1985 through to 1988, but sadly I have never found any trace that they exist. It''s a shame that local bbc or anglia could not cobble together old clips for this period that are in existence somewhere, probably in some dusty storehouse!
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