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  1. That''s what I was thinking! Watching a team play at home in yellow lose 7-1, at least I can smile about it this time!
  2. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]Agree with the OP. Our anthem is terribly dreary and uninspiring. I can''t help but love the Italian anthem. Heard it a lot growing up watching the F1 as well! One thing I have noticed though is that all the countries and cultures have nutouriously european classical (baroque, classical, romantic era) sounding anthems. Even places like Equador. I know they were probably a Spanish colony (forgive my history if wrong) but would they not have something more equadorian sounding? Applies to a lot of countries not just them.[/quote] Generally many post-colonial nations adopted anthems immediately after independence (particularly in Africa) to build nationalist sentiment but also to give some legitimacy to their state too and build ''state hardness'' (many of which only existed because they had been drawn up to look that way by the European powers at the Berlin conference or through military tensions and thus consisted of a huge mix of ethnicities and languages). But with a disjointed ''national culture'' immediately after the European administrations left in the last century many reverted back to classical music with rousing language aimed at giving a sense of unity and I believe they''ve been kept the same since.
  3. What''s so wrong with giving other squad players a chance? Look at the players McDermott gave a chance to at Reading- McCarthy, Robson-Kanu while reintroducing players like Pearce back into the squad, it definitely hasn''t done them any harm in the long term. That''s not an argument against Hughton, but more just me taking issue with you calling the bloke a clown and making assertions which you clearly can''t back up.
  4. Wasn''t this the bloke Milan brought in on loan last season or so after Man City rejected their attempts to sign Tevez? I haven''t heard the best things about him as a player (think Milan rejected the opportunity to buy him) although I have not seen him play.
  5. Bw''s Cat: You''re hilarious. *slow sarcastic clap* It got me smiling...
  6. You''ve hit the nail on the head! I''m stuck in work where''s it is ridiculously quiet at the moment.
  7. I don''t understand the massive urge people seem to get in starting an entire new thread just to highlight one point which they think is important (especially in this case where the OP has not even bothered to look at the date of the article). Perhaps you''d get a better response if this was posted on one of the other Hooper threads and you actually paid some attention to the details on the webpage...
  8. http://www.sportsmole.co.uk/football/blackburn-rovers/transfer-talk/news/olsson-undergoing-norwich-medical_92756.html Not sure how reliable the above link is but for anything around £2 million he''d be a real steal, looking at various websites it definitely seems as though our links to him have grown in the last few days which suggests that the deal is closer to happening.
  9. His hat trick against Yeovil in the first round of the carling cup, one of those goals was amazing (Ben Arfa had nothing on him!) and the eventual result went quite a way to making me feel better about the 7-1 a few days before.
  10. [quote user="Yorkshire Canary"]Lets all calm down. I predicted several months ago that when he moved his family back to Carlisle his days here were numbered. For years I have travelled the Norwich to Carlisle route for family reasons and it is a right pain 286 miles each way and not a good route. holts legacy does not need to be detailed it speaks for itself. I suspect he wanted the move for family reasons and this is an ideal fit. He has a 3 year contract and we will not have to play against him for at least another season. I wish him all the best, he has made a massive contribution to this club who in turn has rewarded him well in the latter stages of his career.We are moving on and we must be confident that new players will arrive who hopefully will leave a positive legacy with the club[/quote] As always a top post Yorkshire
  11. Shut up you drivelling buffoon!
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