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  1. Guess we're progressing though, if a guy with over 100 bundesliga appareances and a Norwich promotion on his CV is the scapegoat.
  2. You're right about not judging it all on 1 game but it's certainly more relevant than any of the games thus far. One thing we really struggled with last time around was the teams around us. For the sanity of some of our fans I think we need a result.
  3. Also how different the styles of play are here under Farke and under Ismael at Albion. Good player that obviously helped turn our changing room around thus deserves our respect but it's time to move on, we've got a far superior 'big man' in Sargent.
  4. The Rupp comment could have also been mind games for tomorrow. Wouldn't be surprised to se Normann start ahead of him.
  5. I think he was being pretty genuine in trying to light a fire under the fanbase, less so the squad. If it was about the team he wouldn't have spent half of it defending them and he'd have spent more time talking about how the media and other teams' fans were viewing us. What I heard was Norwich fans don't believe they should be in the premier league so they fold as soon as they hit the smallest bump in the road. Seemed to be a bit annoyed at people that enjoy trashing players too, especially considering circumstances of pre season and the teams we've played.
  6. Didn't sound very angry to me, just disappointed at the football IQ of our fans. Then he comments that it was also him at 20.
  7. A 15 minute soliloquy comes across better than telling 5% of the fanbase to grow the **** up tbh. Didn't he do something similar towards the beginning of last season
  8. The club spent 60m on transfers in a year where it had a 35m hole in finances due to Covid. Honestly the club's current model is far more ambitious than just borrowing against next year's potential earnings and hoping it works out.
  9. I don't know who they have up front now but he's probably miles better than Deeney. He's hung on for ages because he was 'the man' there, their Russ Martin.
  10. Not a brawl really, just the usual pushing and shoving panto. Vrancic playing a key role for a good championship side is nice to watch. Glad he's finally no longer the super sub. Also WIlliam Hondermaark came on for Barnsley, if it's the same guy I'm sure he was in our youth team over the last couple of years.
  11. Oh I know. We have been hitting the wings quickly though. Would not be surprised of we get Tzolis and Rashica for Watford. Could be a lot of fun.
  12. That's clearly the plan, we've been doing it.
  13. Louis van Gaal would say 'You have no vision for football'. We played 4231 under Hughton a lot.
  14. Exactly this. People seem to think in Normann we've got a N'Golo Kante or Fernandinho whereas we've signed a player who is much more box to box. They also seem to think that 433 is a defensive formation for some reason.
  15. Of all the things I expected to read on here tonight a call for Hugil was not one of them.
  16. Krul Aarons - Omabamadele - Kabak - Williams Lees-Melou - Normann - McLean Rashica - Pukki - Tzolis That's the team I'm expecting. Lees-Melou and Gilmour perhaps swap. Kabak fitness is a question mark i guess too. I guess it's a team that I'm expecting to a first team soon.
  17. When we have a pair of central defenders that can play out more comfortably Krul will naturally be put under a lot less pressure. Based on the fact Liverpool took him I'm assuming Kabak will be that guy and I doubt Omo is getting dropped after his performance today.
  18. 2 matches in 1 day? They'll sleep well tonight.
  19. Barca held the ball a bit better than us and Normann is hardly the DM people seem to think he is.
  20. Also I thought Pukki had a good game today, getting his fitness back that's for sure. Chances created for him have been at a minimum so far but I'd give that time. He's playing with an almost entirely new front end and hasn't played a poor team yet (maybe leicester were ).
  21. As somebody who has never seen Kabak or Normann play I'll wait but I hope they make it. Can't see us playing Gilmour in a 2 to be honest with you though.
  22. Agreed. They threw everything at us for a lot of the game and we stood up to it reasonably well. It was hardly the performance they put on against Brentford.
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