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  1. Only if they can find somebody to take half a year of McGovern's wages.
  2. Only 2 yellow cards so far this season too, even Leitner has more than that.
  3. I also seem to remember us being linked to a pacey winger named Schindler a couple of months back, seems as if it'll be a position we move to strengthen come January.
  4. I hope they go on to better things than somebody like a Tom Ince, bouncing around between Championship and lower Premier League. Honestly believe that if they manage to find some consistency they both have the ability to be regulars in the Premier League. That being said I also believe that we are stronger with Hernandez now than we were last season with Josh. He might not have the 30 yard screamer every 7 or 8 games but he is a better player minute to minute. Maybe his 'weapons' aren't quite as large but I think he works harder and has a stronger mentality, Josh's head dropped far too often imo.
  5. We've scored a few from outside the area this season (Tettey, Leitner, Rhodes off the top of my head) but signing Pukki and Rhodes it was obvious how we were going to be targeting our goals this season. It's working.
  6. You've forgotten Kenny McLean, who should be back from injury in the not too distant future. Looked good in the glimpses we got in the first couple of games this season.
  7. Binners played 25 minutes against an outfield player and couldn't score. We've got the East Anglian book ends.
  8. Great for the Asians and Americans. Obviously ****s over the real fans but they don't matter, I'm sure people will still attend the games.
  9. It was 1 off, they're selling them and giving the money to the charity. Token gesture for those making a fuss on twitter, I expect.
  10. Wednesday made some major financial boo boos in recent years and he was one of those on massive wages, I think they were under a transfer embargo last summer without really announcing it officially. They were also playing 1 up top and not really creating a lot of chances, so they were paying lots of money for a striker that didn't really suit how they were playing.
  11. Yeah, it'll be a back 4 and I'd assume Godfrey coming in at right back with Aarons switching to the left. As for under 23s I'm not even sure Idah counts as homegrown. Not really worried about that as whenever I've seen the under 23s there have always been impressive players. Odusina, Kamal, Aransibia, and Spyrou all stand out.
  12. The man is having a one man goal of the season competition with himself this season. Things are going really well at the moment, but football has a nasty habit of biting you on the ar*e. No complacency please!
  13. Yes, everyone gets Injuries. Probably above average at the moment but I wouldn't say the amount we're getting is anything special. Some were probably affected by sheer number of mins played (Pukki, Cantwell and Lewis) but some have been pretty much unavoidable (Thompson's luck, Steipermann, Marshall and Tettey all getting various illnesses).
  14. As others have said I'd also be all for merging OT an the main forum. It works well on the forums of other clubs and now thet we're winning games it's not like the main forum will be particularly busy.
  15. 20 teams in with a shot at the playoffs and it would be abject failure if they miss out. Well he did write for the Sun.
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