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  1. I don't like the phrase 'time to gel' but if you but the reality is we signed a lot of players and we're playing new systems. 2 key players that were here last season aren't this. It's not like this is a Norwich thing either, even elite clubs with far better players than ours take time in adapting to new styles. I wonder if you were one of those calling for Farke's head after the Derby loss last season.
  2. New players take time to gel. New systems take time to gel. There's literally no evidence that this is our long term system and players, in fact there is evidence which states the opposite. I'm paraphrasing but Farke essentially said we're doing this to stop the rot. Surely it isn't too hard to imagine that confidence will have been low and a clean sheet, however ugly, would have been a massive boost. We'll go into Brighton with 2 more weeks practice of a new system and more confident. So even if the same 11 did start (I think it will be tweaked in the front areas slightly) I'd fancy us to create more. Stop being pathetic.
  3. Burnley foul persistantly but because it's what they do, and everybody knows it's what they do, they aren't punished harshly. It's Stoke under Pulis all over again. I don't think they're a particularly nasty team but with the aggression comes more challenges which are obviously more deserving of a red than anything Buendia was sent off for. It's more of a finishing 16th playing like Burnley wouldn't be particularly fun argument. We saw a couple of Hughton Premier League seasons, not sure many would want to go back to that.
  4. This is what I think, although not only at hime. I also expect Sargent to drop out of the side for a Tzolis or Rashica for a different threat. Some people clearly can't see past their own nose in this thread. It's sad.
  5. I'm a happy clapper and even I'm not entirely sure about this. I honestly don't think Adams has remained at Norwich because he's a favourite at the club (see Hucks). He's a competant guy who probably didn't have the edge to survive as manager but in reality he didn't do awfully here at that. Going by his podcast with the club a while back he's clearly on the ball and on board with what the club are doing so perhaps it isn't a surprise he could be groomed for this role. That being said I didn't fanct Scott as Webber's replacement either.
  6. Jacob was always a bit more aware of his surroundings, a bit more physical and direct. Josh was more individually talented but also more for himself. Doesn't surprise me that Jacob is playing well at wing back at all.
  7. I'd have given this post another 10 games as there's still plenty of time for a weapon to unsheethe. Be it one of the 2 new lads (playing in a new country) or even Cantwell. Getting that first win on the board will be massive for confidence, for the whole club.
  8. Linking a facbook page with a link to the club site. Come on Jsim, you can do better than that.
  9. Toney had played in league 1 when they signed him and then had championship years. Can't compare that to a guy who played in the Bundesliga. It's not even like we aren't taking 'punts' like that. What a strange thing to beat the club with.
  10. We could pay a 25m fee but a player that signs on a 25m fee expects wages befitting of that sadly. We could up our wage budget and probably sign the Josh Kings of this world but at the cost of spending big fees on the Tzolis type players that could flourish into 50m players. Just look at how the squad has been changing over the last 5 years. We're constantly rolling up our quality and wages. It may not be the instant results some seem to want but something is clearly happening.
  11. I'm not saying I think we're getting it all right but the reality is we could have been at our best in every single one of those games and still not been much better off. That's a fact, not blind optimism. From 15 down in the league only 1 team has actually won a game tthus far this season.
  12. Worse run in club history!!!!11exclamationpoint!!! lol How many of our other seasons have started with this many top 6 sides? How many seasons have our pre seasons been thaat disrpupted. Not to mention soon to key players coming in at the death of the window. We're also looking to replace the heart and lungs of our side. Still a way to go obviously but some of you people are so short sighted.
  13. Our offer was up to 10m. Thier offer was up to the best part of double that. It's not like we lost him over nothing.
  14. Much like Liverpool's yesterday our C team takes their team apart. Not sure what they're laughing at tbh. McGovern Byram - Zimmermann - Famewo - McCallum Adshead - Sorensen Hernandez - Martin - Idah Hugil
  15. Was expecting at least a 'well it's clearly crashed, roboot it' comment tbh'.
  16. I agree with you. I think Sorensen needs to be more aggressive to be a true ball winner but he's more solid an option than Gilmour and better all around than Rupp. It's a weird case that's for sure.
  17. The fact that it was 2 promotred clubs seriously looking at Ajer also says a lot. We ended up with a guy who Liverpool rated enough to brining in and play last season. There's a real chance Kabak ends up being the better player.
  18. Most of Lees-Melou's goals were bangers from range. He's not about the easy ones.
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