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  1. If he's a quarterback then he's a dual threat quarterback. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dual-threat_quarterback Although he's not really. He's an all action, box to box player. I assume your mates have just seen him ping a pass and don't really know what they're on about. Could his style be tempered into that QB to fit a system? Yes but it would be a waste of the best part of his game. If any of our players fit the QB archetype it's probably Gilmour. He's just not a very good one because he fumbles when rushed all too often.
  2. Long term i think we'll all be happier with Sargent.
  3. Kenny should be happy as larry. He's at the only club in the country thay would give him 2 seasons of Premier League football.
  4. He's going to play a blinder against us next year when he's loaned out to a rival Championship club. I know it.
  5. Who'd want to be Leicester, their owners aren't even fans.
  6. The fact we could name a stronger injured 11 than what will probably be going into Leicester probably explains something. Krul Omobamidele - Hanley - Zimmermann Aarons - Rupp - Normann - Giannoulis Rashica - Pukki - Cantwell A car won't start if you take it's engine out.
  7. The thing about selling players is that people have to want to buy them. If a decent bid came in for Aarons or Cantwell I do think we'd sell in January but I can't see it. Both of their values will be at a low right now too. We're never going to rely on Byram's fitness so Mumba won't leave on loan. If I were Giannoulis I'd be doing everything I could to get a move. Personally hope he's gets into the side though as he's better than Williams and will be a star for us next season in the Championship. Idah's looked decent when he's been on recently so he won't be going, I should imagine he's the second choice striker with Sargent now only considered out wide. I would imagine we'd want to keep Tzolis around the team, presumably he'll be a starter next season. Unless we sell a player for a significant fee there's no chance we'll be signing a big name out of the Championship. Brereton for a bit of cash and Idah on loan? If we offered them that I think they'd ask us if we were high. He's easily a £20m+ player right now. I'd be looking to recycle the Williams and/or Gilmour loans if we can find players more suited to the side. Personally I hope we go either all in to try and stay up or all in to get the squad in the best condition for the Championship.
  8. Because football is about the product.
  9. How about this? Gunn Williams - Kabak - Gibson - Giannouls Sorensen - PLM - McLean Aarons - Pukki - Placheta
  10. Not what we need at all right now. Sending him home in January and recycling the loan spot is a must. Not that the rest of them were any good either.
  11. They never update us that quickly. Shoulder damage though, bet he's the last one back.
  12. We do that and we get punished for it. It's a lot easier for a Ronaldo to influence a call than it is Kenny McLean.
  13. I'd suggest this is a game which we'll need pace on the counter. So not Dowell or Cantwell.
  14. I'd be surprised, he did a decent job at Preston so his stock must be higher than that.
  15. I'm pretty sure Reece Hall-Johnson was at my school. He was in the same crop of youth players here as the Murphy twins, Harry Toffolo, Cam McGeehan and Carlton Morris. Going off last season's stats it looks like he's a handy player over at Wrexham.
  16. Williams has been okay. Not quite as good a footballer as Giannoulis but adds a lot to the team in terms of grit and attude.
  17. How quickly things change. Get a grip. people.
  18. Yeah, McGovern is the last man standing from that squad. Klose's contract was 'mutually terminated' last summer.
  19. I think that would be the end of the Alex Neil season in a win over Watford.
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