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  1. Could not agree more!!!  We are top 9 points ahead of charlton, take 3 points away from home. As far as i can see it dont get much better!!!
  2. went to boundary park in the early 90''s there used to be a stainless steel barrier separating the fans.  When they scored they would run up to the barrier and kick it made a hell of a lot of noise.  I went with one of my friends at the time who was an oldham fan. When we scored an oldham fan through a pastie at the norwich fans it hit my mate who was probably the only oldham fan in there!!!! Justice!!
  3. Dont know if posted before, but interesting dated 9th Feb!   www.bigsoccer.com/forum/blog.php?bt=48822
  4. Southampton will be going all out to win a draw is no good to them so it should be a very open game.  If we score first then potential goal feast. 4-2 city  
  5. willynaylor its never over till the fat lady sings.  i learnt that about football many years ago!!!
  6. Apparently boos at the half time whistle!  Hopefully put the players under more pressure.  Yes walsall 1 up should be interesting on woccoe!!!
  7. Three hard games this will be a true test.  As quoted b4 on this forum there are six good teams in this division and we are playing 3 on the bounce and southampton next week.  Even though we are on a fantastic run u can''t take anything for granted, i wont be happy until we are sitting in first or second and cannot be caught.
  8. you will always get increased support if the team is doing well. If we were down the bottom the table i suspect crowds would be under 20k!
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