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  1. 6 hours ago, yellowfever said:

    Quite extraordinary - surely the whole point of competitive sport is to win? Sorry to say but i agree with the OP,  and no i don't support fecking Ipswich.  

    Football hasn't been a 'competitive sport' for 30 years, it's a business run and controlled by money men and we simply can't compete financially. If that upsets you, you're supporting the wrong Club.

    As for supporting 1p5wich, they've won nothing for 20 years, so don't bother.

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  2. 13 hours ago, Bill said:

    It appears we hold the record for being champions the longest in one season

    and only four clubs have won more 2nd tier titles than us

    Pukki is the second highest scorer ever in the Championship

    and .............. err, that's it

    I don't understand the first bit and is Pukki's record since the formation of the Premier League?

    I've been a supporter since the early seventies and, on average, we've been a top end Championship/bottom end Premiership side..... I don't see that changing anytime soon.

  3. 12 hours ago, Clint said:

    In all the times we’ve been relegated since I can recall (say circa 1990) we’ve never once strolled to promotion the next season. 
    I’m pretty sure the Alex Neil play off final was the only time we’ve bounced straight back, and that was a struggle. 
    I’ve seen some very good Norwich teams get relegated and drift into total mediocrity. I even recall the ‘on loan to the Endsleigh’ era which turned out to be a very long loan! 

    Unfortunately, you missed our Promotion in '86. After winning the League Cup we collapsed to relegation, the following Season we were far too good and with Watson and Bruce at the back and Drinkell up front we went straight back up.

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  4. On 15 May 2020 at 04:03, essex canary said:


    Play Mario Vrancic. Bar Martin Peters the best special awareness player to have worn a  Norwich shirt.

    Not sure about that....... The Doc was always at least 2 metres away from the player he was supposed to be marking.

    I wish people would stop with the 'Ben in midfield' line. It ain't gonna happen. 

  5. Reports, south of the border are that the paupers are investing in cleaning the roof of the Sir Bobby Robson Stand. Some would say "not a moment too soon" however it should be pointed out that the tree is on the roof of the Churchmans and will remain for the foreseeable...... Still, with promotion looking unlikely, I'm sure a clean roof will dazzle the already delusional to turn up in ever increasing numbers when we do finally get back to football.

  6. On 31/10/2018 at 07:46, Red Rufus said:

    Ha ha, why not try typing some sense without having to slip "the boy" in every sentence. I suspect your ego is as big as Lamberts bank balance!


    On 31/10/2018 at 07:54, Big Vince said:

    I will choose my own style of writing, thank you.

    ..... but if one of them now identifies as a girl you could end up in court. 

  7. 2 minutes ago, Cliff the Canary said:


    under the current ownership I wouldn’t suggest putting the clubs finances at risk as there is no cash reserves to support any speculative spending!  e.g. my point is the current ownership cannot and are unable to take the club financially forward, whilst at the same time unwilling to relinquish power. The self sustaining model is the only model that maintains their power.


    Good points, well made and thanks for the courteous response. 

    If 'there is no cash reserves to support any speculative spending' why are you advocating spending 20-30 million, that we haven't got on players who may, or may not make a difference?

    I've not heard that the 'current owners are unwilling to relinquish power' I'm sure that if you were to stump up enough money they would consider it. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Cliff the Canary said:

    This statement shows the apathy! If you can’t change it don’t talk about it!

    where would the world be today if people just gave up at the first obstacle?

    clearly there’s no place for people of my ‘ilk’ on this fan forum! I’ll jog on now, wouldn’t want to be thought provoking, shudder the thought 

    By your 'ilk' you mean that you think putting the finances of the Club at risk, like we did the last time we were in the Premiership, when we bought Naismith, is a good idea.

    By 'thought provoking' you mean dragging up something that has been discussed a thousand times before, usually after we've lost a game, though rarely to the best Club side in the World. 

    If you changed the word 'apathy' to 'reality' you may be closer to the truth, as it's undeniable that we will never compete with Liverpool or Chelsea financially.

    Sorry for the long post but you asked for more than a 'one sentence pun' the others were probably wise not to rise to your bait, as I'm sure that's what you're looking for but as I'm not on here that often nowadays I'll play the game and maybe come back in a week or so for your response. 

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  9. 5 hours ago, Van wink said:

    Always been a fan of stadium expansion, some very wise old owls on here are against, dont really know why, its a valuable capital investment in the club as far as I'm concerned, together with a standing area.

    I'd guess that some of those 'wise old owls' are fortunate enough to have a season ticket, in which case they don't need expansion. 

    Given that us old uns don't have long left, it's understandable that we'd rather see the money spent on the squad, providing entertaining, competitive football. 

    I'm old, but I want investment in the Stadium, a new City stand to take us up to 32,000 initially,  with a view to increase the Snakepit and the other corner long term.

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  10. 20 hours ago, Graham Paddons Beard said:

    Just watched the “highlights” . Some thoughts 

    1. looks like all of the players are running In treacle. Was it that bad when we were in Div 3?


    From what I've seen, the 3rd Division is very poor this season.

    Some of their fans are freely admitting that if they were to go up, they'd likely go straight back down again. 

    20 hours ago, Graham Paddons Beard said:


    4 . Long may it continue ! 

    Seconded 👍

  11. Haven't really followed Leeds since their demise at the end of last season and while it's funny watching their fans' torment, I don't have any real animosity toward them. 

    That said, if they don't go up this season, Bielsa will be gone. 

  12. 10 hours ago, East Rider said:


    ipswich on the other hand is a sad, sad place with an equally sad team to follow. 

    ...... not having this, 1p5wich have a great history that we can only dream of. Ask any of them, they can quote, chapter and verse, every player that played in the 70s.

    .....and with a tree growing on the roof of the stand, they're ahead of us on environmental issues. What's not to like?

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