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    Wonder how many now wish..........

    Can't get there as often as I'd like (too far)but like Indy I prefer to pick my games and do other things on match days.
  2. splendidrush


    ... and would the three points be enough to save them?
  3. splendidrush

    Promotion odds

    F*** it I'm having a quid on the Binners. With Lambert in charge and their 'istory, jobs a good un.
  4. splendidrush

    View from Sheff Wed

    Good lad. Always happy to see kids supporting their local Club. We did it, not because we're the best but because it's our Club and that'll never change. Too easy to find kids wearing brand Club shirts. Yes he'll suffer some pain but the joy of seeing your Team achieve something makes it worthwhile.
  5. splendidrush


    When he left us his stock was so high, this picture shows a man who's wondering how he ended up here. If he gets them relegated he's probably safe for next season and we'll all laugh. If he manages to keep them up (a huge ask) he'll be offered a better gig somewhere decent and he'll be holding up someone else's shirt.
  6. It'll be interesting how this pans out but would it be better to see them survive, do a Wigan and watch attendances continue to fall year on year, revenue all but dry up, while seeing their squad continue to deteriorate. Or relegation this year with Lambert already installed to make a big statement in League One rekindling interest among the Suffolk faithful and the momentum it could create.
  7. You'd like to think that the Board are making plans to get this done.
  8. splendidrush


    He's gonna get some when they come to the Carra.
  9. splendidrush

    Fancy a quickly?

    While we''re waiting for the new kit to be launched and while we''re waiting for AN to splash some of that 120 mill, I thought I''d offer up a quiz. I know you''re all sharp and you''ll knock this out in no time but it may catch out one or two of the youngsters. Rules are simple, answers are A to Z, 26 questions with a Norwich link, some dead easy some a little cryptic. Tell you what time yourself... See how you get on.

    A. Late eighties, shorty striker.

    B. Out-Gunned for the ''keepers jersey.

    C.Neil Warnock''s favourite full back.

    D.A degree in Medicine for this former POTS.

    E.The Good, the bad and the fringe mid-fielder.

    F. Del Boy''s son.

    G. Thunderbird 4 pilot at a night club.

    H. We ****in'' love him.

    I. Debted, donkey, derby.

    J. Would have been popular at the Liberty.

    K. Glenn''s ''lovely mover''

    L. Heavyweight Champion... Between the sticks.

    M. Vauxhall *******. ******Oxford.

    N.Wideman who lives next door.

    O. Martin or Kieth for example.

    P. London SW15.

    Q. French coins, all in a line ( I know he never signed but I''m sure he was linked. It'' Q for God sake!)

    R. The pass for Fash''s wonder goal.

    S. Robin Hood''s hideout.. Apparently.

    T. Cartwheels at Fratton Park.

    U. Back pass for Binners Goal.

    V. Handed us a Wembley win.

    W. Ashley and Elliott in hospital beds.

    X. Would have helped with James Vaughan''s knees.

    Y. Past his best... But he wasn''t old.

    Z. First name of a Yank scouser.

    So how did you do? Hope it sparked a few memories... I''ll get my coat.

  10. splendidrush

    Bars in Auckland, NZ showing playoffs

    Hi guys... Bit of a Philistine when it comes to modern technology but I''ve put it on Facebook as well (I think!) Just got an email from Gary at the Fox and he says if it''s not on Sky he''ll find a stream for us! Give him a call. 09 358 2767 so he knows there''ll be some interest. 85/87 Customs St West for those who don''t know it.....Bring it on!