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  1. Even the football authorities see them as irrelevant nowadays.
  2. Still amazes me that no other Club picked him up when we did, he was free, has 40+ games in Europe and a decent goalscoring record. 2 months ago, most Premier League fans had never heard of him...... they have now.
  3. I'm wondering if it would have been given at the other end.
  4. Joking aside, why do we need to be 'rolling in it' on February 1st?
  5. My partner's brother in law is a 'Man C supporter' (even though he's never been North of the Equator) Today, he's very difficult to get hold of.
  6. Watched it on YouTube...... more than once
  7. We're all on our best behavior, as it's Sunday, a stunning victory yesterday, polished shoes and ready for church ..... tomorrow, we'll be back to normal
  8. They're salty down the Road, they were so sure that we were going to take their record. ...... wouldn't want to take away their history, let's face it, they've got nothing else.
  9. Over all, I think most people were hoping for more than 3 points from our first 5 games. Writing off games at Anfield and at home to the League Champions and Europa Cup Winners made sense. Targeting a win against Newcastle and hoping to get something at West Ham were where most people would have thought points were possible. Turns out it worked out slightly different, but who wouldn't be pleased with 6 points considering our opponents and injuries. We've got to keep it going now, the squad is still thin and there are no easy games, long way to go yet.
  10. ...maybe that should read "mind the gaff"
  11. If we're playing 'abomination' for your Chris Hughton, I'll raise you a Glenn Roeder.
  12. I prefer Farke's mantra, not to praise the youngsters too much, too early. Yes, he's done well, but he's still got a lot to learn, stay humble, keep working hard and the rewards will come.
  13. Great idea! After today's performances by Amadou and Byram we don't need Zimmerman and Aarons anymore.... Jesus wept.
  14. All I wanted was for them to show pride in themselves and the shirt, today they gave so much more. Credit to ldc, for not saying 'I told you so'
  15. Easy, Team game, Team performance. 8.5 all round?
  16. Good to know that he got the treatment that he required and is well again. Thanks for flagging this RC.
  17. When I read it I thought, I must be getting old, no way could I do that in 10 minutes, even 3 lungs would struggle.
  18. .....if my maths is right, that's 5,400 goals, gulp.
  19. As has been said before, as long as the boys give it a damn good go, show some pride in themselves and the shirt, the crowd will stay with them, regardless of the result.
  20. It would be an insult to the players coming in, who will, no doubt, be doing their damndest to get a result for us.
  21. I think that most people would view him as a top of the Championship defender, given that he's barely played in a year and two of the 3 sides he's faced so far are European Cup holders, to start your comment with "if he starts playing well" is at best, harsh. Most quality defenders struggle against Liverpool's attack, that's why they're European Champions. To say Hanley has been poor and rightly criticised is wide of the mark Yes, you have every right to your opinion, but that doesn't make it fact. I hope the next time you go, and he's playing, you give him the same support that you'd give the rest of the Team.
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