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  1. splendidrush

    There but for the the grace of God...

    Yep, born in Norwich, 50 years a supporter and always optimistic, deluded? possibly, but if I wanted happy endings I'd go to the cinema. However, I'm not optimistic that you'll ever say anything positive about the Club that you claim to support, in that, I'm far from deluded.
  2. splendidrush

    Sky Sports Top Scorers List

    Perhaps Lawrenson put a call in.....
  3. splendidrush

    Team for Crawley

    Not sure what I've done, but you know what I mean.
  4. splendidrush

    Team for Crawley

    Farhmann Byram Klose Hanley Heise McLean Amadou Roberts Srbeny Vrancic Idah.
  5. splendidrush

    There but for the the grace of God...

    Seriously concerned that a football Club, possibly two could go out of business. Easy for the likes of Pete to continually whine about our owners, a quick look around shows where we could be. As for that lot down the road, the less said the better.
  6. splendidrush

    Playing offside

    Ah, but according to some it's all Hanley's fault.
  7. splendidrush

    I Told You So

    Maybe you should change your name to Nostradamus. FWIW, I'm also haunted by Naismith.
  8. As has already been said, he's only playing because of injuries to others.... it's football, don't be surprised if we need him again at some stage this season.
  9. splendidrush

    New ways to hassle the binners.

    Don't care, it's almost 40 years ago and they're still banging on about it.
  10. Fair enough, but if Klose or Zimmerman come back against Man C and we concede 6 or 7 I wonder if there will be half a dozen threads on here dissecting their every move. Tbh, I'm not sure that Farke knows what his full strength side is and that's a good thing, our Team evolved over the course of last season, injuries had an impact, I don't see this season being any different.
  11. splendidrush

    Train for West Ham

    If the ICF are the same guys I used to know, most are grandads approaching their pension.
  12. splendidrush

    Playing offside

    If he's not quick enough, which some people have pointed out, it's very risky to try to play offside, if the flag stays down, he's toast.
  13. That's because he's a CB, what percentage of goals are scored from the middle of the goal, probably most. ....might, but we'll never know, of course Klose or Zimmerman won't be facing the European Champions and the Europa Cup Winners when they come back and, hopefully Max and Jamal will be a little more streetwise by the time we face the mighty Brighton or Blades. Which means our defence will look better, albeit against inferior opponents and it'll all be Hanley's fault that we lost to 2 of the best Teams in Europe.
  14. splendidrush


    Should we get it moved to the non football section?
  15. Agree with this, I wonder how our other CB's would have coped with two of the best sides in Europe, I'm sure we'll all be impressed when they step in against Brighton, by then Hanley will be well down the pecking order.
  16. splendidrush

    Playing offside

    Just checkin'
  17. splendidrush

    Maddison £80million

    ....if it is 15%, it's 15% of the profit, we got @20 million so 15% of 60 million, so 9 mill tops.... handy
  18. splendidrush

    Maddison £80million

    In today's market, that's cheap for Madison.
  19. splendidrush

    Maddison Sell on Clause?

    1p5wich fans will be fuming.
  20. splendidrush

    Train for West Ham

    Apparently, Westfield Stratford has the reputation of being the worst shopping centre in Europe for bag snatching and theft...... watch your wallet.
  21. splendidrush


    Maybe I take you all too seriously, it does raise the question, if all you do is wind people up on a Forum, how sad must your life be?
  22. splendidrush

    If we’re going to play our way…….

    Apparently there have been more goals in our games than anyone else in the Country..... are you not entertained?
  23. splendidrush

    Match of The Day

    His interview with Pukki last week came across as very condescending.
  24. splendidrush

    Scum really are bellends

    If that's their attitude, they should be condemned by every real football supporter. I've never liked them (why would I?) but this is a new low, even for them.
  25. splendidrush


    Vorsprung durch technic......