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  1. Welcome Gareth, nice footage, you couldn't use your drone to drop a bomb on that bl00dy hotel by any chance..... no? Thought not.
  2. What you're talking about is the natural evolution of the squad, every Club has its own way of dealing with this. The big Clubs spend a fortune, pay top wages and in a couple of years time, buy the next multi million pound superstar to replace them. In our case, the best players will move on, they always have, the trick is to find a player to replace them with a limited budget, or a promising youngster, not easy but DF/SW have had more hits than misses. Last year the side evolved as result of injuries mainly, this year it's not been much different. However, take Klose for example, when he got injured last year, many thought we'd struggle, we didn't and he moved down the pecking order. This season is a right off for Timm, he's been desperately unlucky but will we have sourced better options by the time he comes back?
  3. They're going to try to kick us out of it. God forbid we lose Pukki to an agricultural tackle. Burnley aren't great but they are streetwise, something we're going to have to learn, if we're going to survive.
  4. The only way we're going to avoid the radar now, is to go into stealth mode.....
  5. Welcome Niko, good to have you on board, if you're traveling up from London by train, you might need to book a train ticket as well..... most Man U fans live in London.
  6. Now now gentlemen, play nicely. According to TWTD, they're tearing up League One, the crowds are coming back, Lambert is Manager of the Month and Chambers is looking like Van Dyk... .....snigger
  7. I'm pleased Todd has stepped up this season, great to see. I do wonder if Argos had been fit whether he'd have had the same opportunities.
  8. ....move along folks, nothing to see here.
  9. Some of what you say is true, but it all comes across as smug. Mealy mouthed praise like Lineker's condescending grin when he interviewed Pukki after his hat trick. I prefer staying under the radar.......
  10. We're underrated Thirsty, and some of our own are so used to us turning on the style, that we almost take it for granted. Meanwhile, the 'experts' will say that Man City took us lightly, that if De Bruyne had started they would have won, if they had defended properly we wouldn't have scored, if, if, if.
  11. There'll be other Clubs watching how we dealt with Man City's press, and with their CBs everyone will be fancying their chances.
  12. So, to stop us all fretting for the next 5 days, how will we fare at Burnley?
  13. My phone always predicts center and I try to take the trouble to correct it. There's loads of words that the Yanks have changed but I'm not American and will do all I can to put it right.
  14. ....and they only have to face us once more this season......
  15. Burnley will offer a different challenge, more crosses into the box for Chris Wood, a big target man. We'll need a bit more mobility in front of the back four as they're more comfortable playing wide. Man C got pushed wide and limited to crosses, which isn't really their game, their quick passing and excellent movement normally cuts straight through the middle but we played narrow and gave them no space. Credit to Farke, got it spot on.
  16. Byram's gonna get 4 or 5 games to show his worth, he was a star at Leeds and was unlucky with injuries at West Ham, a brilliant find by Webber.
  17. Atm there are no players to come in, from what I've read they're all injured, so I don't see any changes.
  18. .... what does Webber call it?.... fine margins?
  19. By all accounts, Amadou was the star at the back, I wasn't there, what do others think?
  20. He doesn't look that tall but got ahead of their defence on this occasion, something they've worked on at Colney?
  21. Hold my hands up to that one, and no, I don't feel stupid. I'm chuffed for Todd that he's made the step up, happy to have been proved wrong. The game is all about opinions, that was mine at the time.
  22. Looking at England's performance last week, 50 million doesn't buy much quality if you're looking for a centre back.
  23. Tbf, he's not played in God knows how long, makes his performance yesterday even more impressive.
  24. FWIW, the gap is 34 places to the history buffs down the road. Is there a stato who can tell me the last time the gap was so big? We might need to change it to 'mind the chasm.
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