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  1. splendidrush

    Ricardo's report v Man City

    All I wanted was for them to show pride in themselves and the shirt, today they gave so much more. Credit to ldc, for not saying 'I told you so'
  2. splendidrush

    Player Ratings

    Easy, Team game, Team performance. 8.5 all round?
  3. splendidrush

    Gary Holt on the mend after serious illness

    Good to know that he got the treatment that he required and is well again. Thanks for flagging this RC.
  4. splendidrush

    Godfrey u21 captain?

    When I read it I thought, I must be getting old, no way could I do that in 10 minutes, even 3 lungs would struggle.
  5. splendidrush

    How many will man city get

    .....if my maths is right, that's 5,400 goals, gulp.
  6. splendidrush

    Feeling even more positive now

    As has been said before, as long as the boys give it a damn good go, show some pride in themselves and the shirt, the crowd will stay with them, regardless of the result.
  7. splendidrush

    Pull the fuse Delia

    It would be an insult to the players coming in, who will, no doubt, be doing their damndest to get a result for us.
  8. splendidrush

    The 11 that step out on the pitch tomorrow

    I think that most people would view him as a top of the Championship defender, given that he's barely played in a year and two of the 3 sides he's faced so far are European Cup holders, to start your comment with "if he starts playing well" is at best, harsh. Most quality defenders struggle against Liverpool's attack, that's why they're European Champions. To say Hanley has been poor and rightly criticised is wide of the mark Yes, you have every right to your opinion, but that doesn't make it fact. I hope the next time you go, and he's playing, you give him the same support that you'd give the rest of the Team.
  9. splendidrush

    Raheem Sterling

    22 hours ago, you said that you were going to shut up, I'm still waiting........
  10. splendidrush

    Raheem Sterling

    For someone who is going to shut up, you're taking your time over it.
  11. splendidrush

    Raheem Sterling

    Only on paper. I said we'd be promoted after Leeds, you were reigning in expectations with two games to go, yet this season you think we'll finish top four. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to explain your logic.
  12. splendidrush

    Godfrey u21 captain?

    Agree with this CK, all this talk about 60 million doesn't stack up, he's had 4 games in the Premier League. Sure, he's got potential, but at this stage that's all it is, and moving to a Spurs wouldn't guarantee him first Team football and no one is paying 60 million for a squad player.
  13. splendidrush

    Sticker book!

    I remember collecting soccer stars back in the day... good times, makes me wish I was a kid again.
  14. splendidrush

    £906 million

    Not sure what these figures mean, we've spent more than 32 million in the last 11 years. Klose, Hanley, Naismith and the Wolf take care of most of that. Perhaps if it includes sales to offset expenditure, Madison, the Murphys and Pritchard would probably even it up. Any clues?.....
  15. splendidrush

    Aarons nooooo!

    Not sure that he said anything derogatory and even if he was a blue, we've nothing to fear from their contributions anyway.
  16. splendidrush

    Raheem Sterling

    I think he has some way to go before he's in the same bracket as Best and Ronaldo. I saw Cruyff and Beckenbauer in their twilight years and it was like watching a different sport.
  17. splendidrush

    £906 million

    ..... so if we keep the score below 32-0, does that mean that we've punched above our weight?
  18. splendidrush

    Godfrey u21 captain?

    Looks like he will be on Saturday
  19. splendidrush

    Max off with an injury

    Gives Aarons a break, and Byram a run out, all good.
  20. splendidrush

    Godfrey u21 captain?

    An honour and reward for how he's adapted to life in the Premier League, a real leader in the making.
  21. splendidrush

    Anyone have a spare ticket for Man C?

    No point in a cheese sandwich without the requisite amount of pickle. Branston isn't readily available in NZ, so I stock up in advance. Should we be asking to have this thread moved?
  22. splendidrush

    Grim Injury News

    .... or we could have blown 80 mill on a player like Harry McGuire and he got steamrollered by Haller and we'd be in the same position.
  23. splendidrush

    Them down the road are loving it !

    I'm dead jealous, I wish we were beating Burton and Bolton's U16s.
  24. splendidrush

    song for Amadou?

    ..... and Waterloo is in Belgium.
  25. splendidrush

    Grim Injury News

    An already difficult season has just got even more so. Talking about injuries is one thing, blubbing about how difficult it's going to be or what we could/should have spent is exactly my point.