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  1. Said at the time that it would be just another tool to maintain the Big Club bias and was shouted down...... seems I was right.
  2. Good call Trev, Benson, Machin, Powell, Boyr, MacDougall anyone else?
  3. Not sure about that Broady, I think we've had more dealings with West Ham than anyone else.
  4. Martin Peters, Gary Brook and Harry Kane for a month. I hope we play hardball on this, Ferdinand will be hoping that he can get him to Old Trafford, a bidding war would suit us just fine.
  5. That's some result with 10 men....
  6. I remember another Team in blue with that attitude back in the early 2000's. After a first good season when they caught everyone by surprise, a few games in Europe, splashing the cash on Finidi George and Matteo Serini and down they went. They have never recovered
  7. Get us a top six finish and he can 'work in Europe' without leaving
  8. Starting to look like quite a list, perhaps it's not as clear as we thought
  9. Of course you're right..... but I'm not interested in them, I'm a Norwich fan.
  10. If you're right, anyone with a load of Norwich/1p5wich scarves will be hanging on to them for a good while.
  11. Without looking it up I'll throw in Moyes at Everton and maybe Pulis at Stoke but I take your point.
  12. If you wear a half and half, does that make you neutral?..... What would be the point of attending a game where you don't mind who wins?
  13. I would have taken a point before the game.
  14. I think that might have been against Blackburn, a 3-3 draw, Holty got a late penalty.
  15. We're only on TV when we're expected to get battered, now that we've spoiled the fun, by beating Man City, the broadcasters are being a little more selective.
  16. Maybe we should look at the number of Premier League appearances, experience at the top level may also be a factor.
  17. When we lost against Burnley, we didn't become dreadful overnight, but constructive criticism is justified and realistic suggestions on how to improve shouldn't be discouraged. No one says you can't express an opinion, I just don't agree that calling our Team 'appalling' is 'constructive' or 'justified' We've just been promoted, we couldn't compete in the market over the summer and our squad has been decimated by injuries. If you said our performance was disappointing, I'd be inclined to agree.
  18. Easy in hindsight, hopefully it's a lesson learned, we move on.
  19. I accept the point that our goals against is a concern, I'll raise that by pointing out that we've played the European Champions, last year's treble winners and the Europa Cup Winners. No other Team has had a harder start and when you factor in our injuries, especially at the back, I think we're not doing too badly...... That said, if we're still as leaky as a colander once they're all back I'll take a different view.
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