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  1. splendidrush

    Leicester are the club I wish we were

    There will come a day when the bubble will burst and the self funding model will be the way to go, then we'll win everything, every season, forever. Mewwy Chrithmath hic
  2. splendidrush

    Meanwhile, not far away....

    What past events? They had a 20 year hiatus which ended 35 years ago, since then they've had half a dozen seasons in the top Division. Their support base bang on about events that happened so long ago that most of them weren't even born. Tinpot.
  3. splendidrush

    'Gave himself a good talking to'!

    'the boy Buendia' ..... when did you start speaking Vinceish?
  4. splendidrush

    Is Tim Krul our best keeper - EVER?

    ..... interesting that someone described Krul as w@nk this time last year, that we're now discussing his legendary status.
  5. splendidrush

    Leicester fan in peace

    I'm taking from this that you're much younger than me, there'll only ever be one derby for us. Watching their struggles and slow demise gives great pleasure and can never be replaced by a Team a hundred miles away.
  6. splendidrush

    Slowly, slowly, slowly...

    Still think we're a soft touch for the 'bruisers' in this League. It's great getting results against Teams that play football, trouble is, the Teams at our end of the table know that they have to scrap for points. We've already lost to Watford, Saints, Villa and West Ham, all those '6 pointers' could be our undoing at the end of the season.
  7. splendidrush

    Could be worse ......

    A few weeks ago they were top with 2 games in hand, now they're 2nd with their advantage gone. The goals have dried up, Teams appear to have worked them out and, as you say, the not so faithful are getting restless. Some are doubting Lambert's ability to find their best 11 and get them up first time. There's also references to his earlier career and how long before he's looking to move on. Happy days
  8. splendidrush


    Truth is, at today's prices, 25 mill buys you potential and nothing more at the top level...... and with our boys being so young and having achieved so much in a short space of time, there's a hell of a lot of potential there.
  9. splendidrush

    Meanwhile, not far away....

    I read that dylan, not surprised that supporters that always bang on about their history should also have a seventies attitude towards crowd behavior. Sad times in Suffolk ☹
  10. splendidrush

    highlights - enjoy

    VAR is there to help the Big Clubs maintain their dominance...... nothing else.
  11. splendidrush


    He's out of contract at the end of the season I think, if we're relegated, we could do much worse.
  12. splendidrush

    Our Teemu Pukki

    Even if we do stay up, the chances are that there will be bids for him that we may not be able to refuse. At 29, his best years are behind him and if someone came in with 20/25 mill it's unlikely that we'd turn it down.
  13. splendidrush

    Leicester fan in peace

    .... and I hope that they continue to play exciting football and qualify for the Champions League and Madison nails down a regular England place.
  14. splendidrush

    Maddison is great, but.....

    So pleased that he's made the grade at the top level, it's taken a while to get the credit he deserves at International level but I never had any doubts. I told my brother a year ago that he would win us the next World Cup.... you heard it here first. Meanwhile, some joker on TWTD reckons Flynn Downes is better than Madison.... who? I hear you ask, well exactly. As for the game, Leicester are playing some wonderful football, I hope we can stay with them.
  15. splendidrush

    I think I've had enough.

    .... only if the football authorities allow 1p5wich to skip a division
  16. splendidrush

    Jingle bell’s

    ..... and a happy Christmas to you too
  17. From my limited perspective, it seems that we are better playing 'football teams' the Burnley's Palace's and Brighton's bullied us out of results, something we're going to need to contend with if we are to survive.
  18. splendidrush

    VAR, Timekeeping, Refs

    Don't like to say "I told you so" ..... but I told you so. When I said that it would be a farce, I got shouted down. When I pointed out that it would be used to the benefit of the Big Clubs, I was dismissed. Interesting that 3 months later some are coming around to my opinion.....
  19. splendidrush

    I think I've had enough.

    While I have some sympathy with the op, I also detest what the game at the top level has become. Meanwhile, days out at Hillsborough in '82 seeing us promoted, Wembley in '85, Portsmouth under Lambert, dancing in the aisle, hugging a middle aged man I'd never met when Jackson scored. Winning at Tottenham when old 'Arry was nailed on to be the next England manager and Bennett blasted past Friedel. Even Howson's solo effort at the Etihad, I was there, and while I can't get there as often as I'd like, I would never give it up completely. It's in the blood I tell ya.
  20. splendidrush

    Well that was(Fill in the blank)

    ..... as Stuart Webber said "38 free hits"
  21. Thanks for your support, very much appreciated.
  22. splendidrush

    Sour grapes

    Said at the time that it would be just another tool to maintain the Big Club bias and was shouted down...... seems I was right.
  23. splendidrush

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    Good call Trev, Benson, Machin, Powell, Boyr, MacDougall anyone else?
  24. splendidrush

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    Not sure about that Broady, I think we've had more dealings with West Ham than anyone else.
  25. splendidrush

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    Martin Peters, Gary Brook and Harry Kane for a month. I hope we play hardball on this, Ferdinand will be hoping that he can get him to Old Trafford, a bidding war would suit us just fine.