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  1. If I remember correctly you said the same thing about Neal Maupay before the Brentford game, I guess you could be right eventually. On the other hand Millwall may want to watch out for Pukki, Onel, Emi, Timm or a whole host of other possibilities from a Team currently bang in form. Just saying.
  2. As always... it's a derby, form goes out of the window, except, apparently, when we play the Binners.
  3. In NZ we observe ANZAC day, the whole Country seems to be involved, documentaries on TV, the radio and newspapers all recognize the sacrifice made. Every Town has a memorial to the fallen and because NZ lost so many in campaigns like Gallipoli it is still a major part of the calendar. It's entirely possible that remembrance has been hijacked in the UK to mean something different.... not so here
  4. My first ever game was at the Den, 74/75 I think 1-1 draw, Geoff Butler scored and didn't know how to celebrate. Barry Kitchener gave them the lead. I remember Suggett, Boyer, Keelan and Big Dunc and getting chased home by six kids for celebrating our equalizer... That was a lesson!
  5. 3-2 win at the Etihad. Last game of the season, nothing to play for. Holt's last goal? Howson' solo goal and the Man C. players doing a lap of appreciation in an empty Stadium because their plastics had all left early once they realized they weren't going to win. Priceless.
  6. How about a drive in to watch live games beamed back to CR?
  7. Sorry k, I haven't seen that, out of the loop you understand. I agree with Branston about who is to be the next penalty taker.... hopefully we find out on Saturday.
  8. This. Nothing to see here. Keep clocking up the points and see where it takes us.
  9. We play like we've been playing the Referee won't matter.
  10. Vrancic was involved in 3 of the four goals, he's gotta start.
  11. I'm not suggesting parity Bill, different times different opposition but that doesn't mean a different outcome. If they are relegated, they, like us ten years ago, would be seen as a big Club, despite their financial difficulties. Any up and coming League 1 prospect would jump at a season under Lambert and, as we all know, that could provide the momentum for a tilt at promotion again the following year.
  12. That's why I used the Wigan example Daly. I'd rather they propped up the Championship for a few years so we still get to play them while watching them slowly diminish. My fear, if they were relegated, would be that it could give them the kick start we experienced under Lambert. I'm sure nobody wants that.
  13. Been watching this play out for almost 50 years, it's crests and waves. Managers come and go as do players, on average, if there is such a thing, we're too good for the Championship and not big enough to stay in the Premiership for a long period. It keeps us all coming back, just in case something special happens.
  14. Can't get there as often as I'd like (too far)but like Indy I prefer to pick my games and do other things on match days.
  15. F*** it I'm having a quid on the Binners. With Lambert in charge and their 'istory, jobs a good un.
  16. Good lad. Always happy to see kids supporting their local Club. We did it, not because we're the best but because it's our Club and that'll never change. Too easy to find kids wearing brand Club shirts. Yes he'll suffer some pain but the joy of seeing your Team achieve something makes it worthwhile.
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