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  1. There is a ticket office for away fans at Brammall Lane but I imagine that''s just open on matchdays?
  2. If anyone missed the details they are on the Wrath............
  3. Hopefully there will be a few go out i.e. Gill / Hughes on permanent deals to free up some wages, as well as youngsters i.e. Steer, Dawkin out on loan to get some 1st team experience. Wouldn''t mind a back up RB in but I''m not so keen on the idea of two loan players in the back four, would rather it be players who know each other from playing together consistently.
  4. Ordered two this morning, lovely ol'' Preston! I remember Stoke only charged £6 for the league game at The Brit in their promotion season, still didn''t sell out mind.
  5. I''ve not done too many but Huddersfield last year was pretty special, more than made up for being at Charlton when we were relegated!
  6. At the press conference Cardiff''s Chief Exec had a smirk on his face when he acknowledged that Cardiff were making a ''contribution''. Bellers also confirmed that he is still getting paid the same overall, just by two different clubs now.
  7. I wouldn''t mind us getting a young right back in on loan though, just as back up mind.
  8. That''s part of my thinking, apparently Cardiff are paying £45k of his weekly wage which is ridiculous for a club who were apparently in trouble financially.
  9. I think morally it certainly is, however I also expect that often it is corrupt in terms of the laws and regulations that have been set (ie finances and transfers).
  10. Prem - Man Utd Champ - Boro L1 - Soton L2 - Chesterfield Top Scorer - Chrissy Martin Position - 7th First Defeat - Swansea First Red Card - Andrew Surman
  11. I don''t think there will be many ''big'' players left out of the squads, nothing that is going to change the face of football anyway. This rule needs to go further to have the kind of impact it is after.....
  12. Had a stormer in the L2 P/O final, only time I''ve seen him though
  13. I think he''ll rise to the occasion, wouldn''t suprise me if he was POTS next season. I can see this lad playing in the premiership, not neccessarily with us and not neccessarily making it in the top division but I think he will get the opportunity at some point. Would like to see Tom Adeyemi replicating Korey this season. OTBC
  14. I wouldn''t have thought they would come in until training started?
  15. Slight issue with this...........Leeds aren''t big spending. It is possible that we have more financial clout than they do, news up here is that Uncle Ken has the purse strings drawn very tightly.
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