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  1. Congrats lads, although I feel we really let ourselves down and helped you on your way, well done!
  2. No wonder Charlton are 3rd, plain sailing from here for Norwich and Leeds?
  3. The game at Carrow Road could very well decide the winner I think
  4. Cracking signing for us, doubt he will start tomorrow though, depends if he is fit
  5. To back up Norfolk Lutonian, thanks mate, look at this on waccoe, similar to spainboy if not worse http://www.waccoe.com/index.php?showtopic=172602&st=60&gopid=3245370&#entry3245370
  6. [quote user="Martin Bryant"]uh oh.. just read the leeds forum, that guy who kept swearing "c**t, c**t etc etc.. the emotion shown there does make me laugh- i have this image of him getting really frustrated in front of his pc at audacity of Norwich fan being on ''his'' forum... bet after he typed that he ran off and slapped his girlfriend a few times to make himself feel better... doh :-(but- there are a few decent people on there happy to talk about football so thats nice to see![/quote] Yes with emphasis on the word few lol
  7. Cant wait till we play you guys again, Sky better show it, really would love to see this game again on tv. Lads teams like Norwich, Leeds, Charlton, Southampton shouldnt be down here in this shitty league, but guarnatee you there will be a hell load more in years to come
  8. Hi lads, I am a regualr poster on waccoe, but about 40% of the posters are absoulte wankers, makes you well pissed off when you try to post something constructive and you get the piss taken out of you
  9. Charlton were pathetic last night, really makes you wonder how they are in the top 3? lol All the games we have is a concern but we have a massive squad and should be able to cope, cant wait for tonights match :)
  10. Hello Norwich fans, Leeds fans here, before I say anything I have to say that spainboy is right in some things he says but he goes the wrong way in saying them, he is an annoying twat, I have looked on these forums on occasion over the past 2 weeks or so to see what you guys think how the season is going so far. In terms of the Leeds squad it is a very strong squad, Norwich also have a very strong squad. The likes of Whitbread and Drury are good defenders and Wes Hollahan is one of the best midfielders in the league, you guys are lucky to have him. Him and Snodgrass would be my pcik of the two best, I also think Nicky Bailey at Charlton is a good player too. In the end of the season I think we will win the league, you guys will come second and Charlton will be third, but who knows unless you have a blip like us then you will be there til the end.
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