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  1. [quote user="Marty"]well done to him, I have been impressed with his effort and delighted to see him secure out promotion. People give the centre backs a hard time on this board but Doc and Nelson have done the business, and those who beg to differ just look at the table tonight. OTBC.[/quote]Spot on!! Both Doc and Nelson were excellent at the back today, clearing everything Charlton could throw at us.  Forster also played a blinder, pulling out a couple of brilliant saves to keep us in the driving seat.
  2. Sky have us up!  Looking at future games they compared Leeds, Millwall, Swindon and Charlton for race to 2nd place!!![:D]
  3. NoI''d never take a draw before kick off.  1-0 down with 10 mins to play and then I''d take a draw every time.[;)]
  4. [quote user="Graham Humphrey"][quote user="cityangel"][quote user="Trent Canary"][quote user="cityangel"] I can''t see Swindon and Millwall losing any of their remaining games other than when they play each other. Not so sure about Leeds [:)] [/quote]I think Swindon will do well to get more than a point from Colchester, to be honest looking at their team im surprised they have kept up their form. [/quote] Have you seen any of the highlights of Cochester''s games lately? [:)] Swindon will beat them easily looking at both team''s current form. [/quote]Just like we were going to beat Tranmere?Funny things happen at this time of the season.  Nothing can be taken for granted.[/quote]Only and usually when the ref and linesmen are on telly!!Personally, I''m hoping for us to be promoted at Charlton.[:)]
  5. Closing date for applications is tomorrow (5th), so a few days after that I suppose.
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions, sounds like I may be heading for the Unthank Kitchen.We are staying at the Thickthorn Travelodge as easiest route in from Margate, will be going back into the city Tuesday morning so the wife can do a bit of shopping (compromise on her going to the match Monday considering she''s a gooner!!).Hoping for a good match to try and turn her into a green and yellow fan! [;)]
  7. I''m staying up with the family in a travelodge after the game on Monday and don''t fancy Little Chef breakfast,  can anyone suggest a decent cafe where we can get a good full english?Will be going back into city centre Tuesday morning on park and ride.Thanks in advance.
  8. Beagrie just talks a load of b*****ks most of the time!!
  9. The decisions went against us all night long!  The ref and linesmen might as well have been wearing Tranmere shirts.  The Norwich board should put an official complaint in against their blatant incompetence and get them suspended from officiating in any further matches this (or any other) season until they have retaken all the necessary training and assessments required to referee properly in the football league.I couldn''t believe the woeful decisions made during the match.  The first penalty wasn''t a penalty it was ball to shoulder blade, Russell''s arms were by his side and he was pulling his shoulder back away from the ball when it hit him, the ref played on and then stopped after the linesman flagged for a penalty which he quite clearly didn''t see properly as they booked the wrong man (I didn''t see Russell Martin touch the ball at all from the set piece or go anywhere near the ref or linesman to have been booked for arguing with them).The second was a bit more dubious although from the replays on sky it looked very much like Thomas-Moore was half way to ground before Forster caught his trailing foot (I give that dive an 8.5 out of 10).  I will accept that these calls can be difficult to call and the player diving usually gets the decision.The third was so blatantly a hand ball with the ref and linesman in good positions to see they and Curran should hang their heads in shame!   If Lambert and the players feel as angry as I do, all I can say is god help Stockport on Monday!! [:@]
  10. Sack Lambert and replace the back four!!!!!Only joking!I agree with you Beaseant, 4 points from 6 for 2 away games is good and promotion winning form.  Usually say average of 2 points per game gives you promotion and we are already up on that.
  11. Would absolutely love it to be the Stockport game, as hoping to be going.  Not only that, the missus is coming too and will be her first match at Carrow Road.[:D]
  12. they have even got a ''Congratulations Norwich'' thread just started.[:)]
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