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  1. mckenzie to sign tomorrow
  2. What about that one that keeps scoring for Leeds (Jermaine Pennant ) ???? what do you lot fink?
  3. Apparently Mark Rivers has had a bust up with Nigel Worthington because he''s ''Lazy'' (maybe thats why he has not been playing in the first team) but anyway getting to the point, someone went into the Club Shop to have ''Rivers'' put on the back of their shirt and some one who works with Nigel Worthington said that ''You dont want to get him on the back of your shirt, he''s leaving soon'' Maybe we will sell him and get some good money for him and put it towards the Huckerby/Crouch Fund??!
  4. sign vanisolroy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. norwich city have been offered 5m from a multi million air he will only help us if he gets a place on the board
  6. We have some one now that is willing to give the board £5 million. (named Colin Davey) he has said that his offer will not stay on the table forever, and worse, has threatend to invest in Ipswich Town! he has got a buisness worth 100million which he is selling off next year. delia smith and her husband wont let him be part of the board. but the rate we are going we wil turn him down and all he wants is to be on the board. your views?
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