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  1. [quote user="Drazen Muzinic"]I want them to bring "The Canaries" back - like they did a couple of seasons back. BTW - if anybody has an mp3 version of this I would be most grateful - I''ve searched the web high and low but can''t find it anywhere.[/quote] spot on.
  2. Do scummers count went to school with guy name of kevin skeggles think thats how you spell his name ,Bungay middle school again.
  3. Oooooh what about that Australian keeper Mr Gunn got us one game and a minus 7goals,whathis name again.
  4. At least under Robert chase years we had top flight football in Europe in Fa cup league cup success and beat top 6 clubs regulay and fans that got behined their team ,manager not keep slagging everyone off. or maybe its just my age it was all just a dream thats turned into a nightmere.
  5. [quote user="Pedro"]Oh you should have been down in the Lower Barclay,it was embarrassing,I am a Steward and what the Norwich fans were coming out with was disgusting crap. by the sounds of it the whole lower Barclay are all trained referees, that I doubt very much.! (wouldn''t let them referee a snail race) and what was being chanted at the referee could be heard on Radio Norfolk, and what an advert for Norwich that is !! that shows Norwich in a good light doesn''t it ? Not ! ABSOLUTELY EMBARASSING ![/quote] More like the ref was embarassing he was a discrace. never let the game flow or played the advantage.
  6. [quote user="barclaybabe"]Lmao, they so need punishment for their pitch[/quote] That pitch is a Health and saftey isue.
  7. [quote user="barclaybabe"]which is the best team in the division? taking everything into account[/quote] Simple the one who wins the league at the end of the season.
  8. [quote user="65Vintage"]Heres an alternative - Jimmy Neighbour[/quote] These were the days
  9. [quote user="can u sit down please"]Legend. Greatest player we have ever produced.[/quote] Simply the best there is only one craig Bellamy. Hopefully one day he returns back here. still got the tshirt
  10. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]News of the World and Daily Mail are just toilet paper with words printed on them.Both are a digrace to journalism.[/quote] You think I wipe my Bum om these papers think again.
  11. Have anyone read the letter on canaries world sent to the news of the world.
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