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  1. Sometimes in the papers opinion printing an apology is more damaging than paying out compensation to a team like Norwich.NCFC don''t need any hard evidence to show damages. Think about it every damages case I can think about there has been no proof of the damages other than the damage to ones reputation.
  2. Someone bidded £400k for Hoolahan on my FM10 game.. it was auto accepted because he has a £400k release clause... That''s not true is it? just something that SI have put in right?
  3. What?Got rid of the terrible ppl in the business like Doomcaster.Brought in Lambert and staff.Kept all our highly rated players.We''ve brought in new players despite the lack of funds.Not entertained the idea of selling the ground or licensing rights etc... Remind me why we should vote against anyone of the current establishment?..
  4. I''d imagine a show like that has its fans planned out months in advance.. but nice idea! Would be fun!
  5. I tweeted this post to Jake on Twitter.. see if he responds :)
  6. [quote user="beasto"]Just to put it in perspective, I can''t even get that on Football Manager - and that includes switching it off when I lose[/quote]I can''t get that on FIFA on amateur mode - and that includes switching teams when I''m losing and letting NCFC score.
  7. I''m having a chat with them in this thread: http://www.waccoe.com/index.php?showtopic=172456
  8. [quote user="Jim Smith"]I would put Korey Smith at right back, bring in Hughes in midfield and would start one of Macnamee, Cody or Johnson instead of Holt. I am not 100% convinced OJ has the stamina to last a full match so think all 3 should have a role to play on tuesday night. I''d be tempted to give Macca a run out.[/quote]I think Korey could do the job well at Right back. He covered well in the second half on Saturday. But I think his inexperience may cause us a few problems.I''d rather go with Whitbread in the centre and Doc on the right.
  9. I clicked the link ''Main Discussion...'' thinking get me out of this shite topic.
  10. Whether he is fond of the club or not is irrelivant. He isn''t a fan, it''s his employer. I''m fond of who I work for and if they offered me a really good deal I''d take it and hold onto it for as long as I could. Because I''d set my life up around that contract. Mortgage, car payments lifestyle everything. I wouldn''t give it all up to go and work somewhere half as nice for half the cash just because I like my current employers.Who knows what happens in the background anyway. He could be still in Lamberts plans somewhere.Unlikely, but we''ll never know for sure. No matter what anyone says.
  11. Wasn''t Doc classed as a Center Forward as well as a Centre Half before joining NCFC?
  12. I thought Russell Martin was superb at getting forward in the first half versus Brentford. He got into some great space and made some lovely passes into the forwards.
  13. Happy Birthday!I still find myself occasionally questioning some of his plays.. But overall he has really impressed me in the last 2 home games.
  14. Why make this post unless you''re going to tell us?[img]http://files.sharenator.com/1945look_at_me_attention_whore_Holy_Awesomeness-s315x429-33471-580.jpg[/img]Attention whore more!
  15. Was in Liverpool a couple of weeks ago and got chatting to a LFC fan about football. He grew up on the same street as Osto and played football with him.Apparently Liverpool were really into Osto and had high hopes for his future with the club. But Osto was in with a bad crowd and lived on the outskirts of Liverpool. He said that LFC offered to put him up in a nice flat near the training ground etc. But Osto wasn''t interested as he didn''t want to be far from his mum. As his dad works away most the year.Just a bit of useless info :D
  16. I agree Longy. First 20 mins of the second half he was the best player on the pitch by far.
  17. Pretty weak to reply negatively without backing yourself up as to why, don''t you think?
  18. Lol good point.At least with Leeds fans they''re a proper club and aren''t dreamers like Colchester.
  19. [quote user="braintree canary"]I say sell holt while we can in this transfer window and get mooney and Killen back.[/quote]Sell Holt? Are you blimmin bananas?Horrible or not he was still obviously going for the ball so I stand by my previous comment.
  20. Really pleased to hear this. News of this needs to get back to the club. The poor chap that suffered the attack should get tickets to the next game. And the guys who helped him deserve to be treated like VIPs.
  21. I disagree. If Holt had pushed, punched or done something unforgivable to be sent off then I do agree. But he didn''t he over committed himself for what was a sending off.I clapped because he''s been outstanding for us this season and if I had the choice of having him on the form he''s been on this season and getting sent off and missing the next 3 games OR having someone like Cureton without any red cards. I''d choose Holt any time.
  22. Doc was my man of the match yesterday by far. He won EVERYTHING he went in for. And provided real good backup for Cory when he was tracking back to cover the right side. Doc is also distributing the ball much better than just clearing it like he used to.Zac looked a little shakey to start, but looks good.Nelson was faultless vs Exeter and Brentwood..Imo Askou should have to fight for his place back into the squad. As the ol saying goes. If somethings not broken don''t fix it.
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