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  1. Although Jimmy if you put yourself in the shoes of a former team mate and you''ve been trusted with unbroken news such as this are you going to openly tweet it or keep it under your hat. I''m thinking you were suggesting he''s connected and will pick up which way the wind is blowing rather than having some actual insight :)
  2. If you are Lennon and you have the choice where do you go? WBA = Premier League status but only because there were teams that were worse in the league this season. Steve Clarke did a grand job for them helping them secure their best finish in ages (8th).. Then was sacked the season after when they were in a better position than where they finished. Their squad isn''t great, I''d prefer ours. Norwich: A chance to bounce back to the Premier League with a good young squad and good supporting board. Sidenote.. On checking facts on Wikipedia I noticed that Steve Clarke''s gardening leave ends at the end of this month. I am surprised he''s not been mentioned in relation to the vacancies at the moment.
  3. IIRC he had pretty bad asthma.. I''m not sure if that played a part but he never seemed to last when he started for us. More so making great performances from the bench. He''s a decent guy too.
  4. Ricardo knows - you don''t officially leave one club in these circumstances unless you are on your way somewhere else. Is anyone at Prestwick airport? can we see if he boards a flight for Birmingham or Stanstead please.. (I don''t think you can fly from Glasgow > Norwich).
  5. My thread starting process goes like this: 1) Think of something I think may be interesting to discuss, or a question I''d like to post to the forum > 2) Check to see if it''s been covered in a current thread.. 99/100 find it is covered in a thread already 3) Add said thoughts/question to already existing thread. Rocket science I know.
  6. Doing a 10,000 piece jigsaw of the Great Wall of China.
  7. LOL Jas, I find it ridiculously odd that you''d retain a knowledge of when I do and don''t post. Newton here are some ideas for posts you can make today to give yourself maximum attention: Subject: Press conference! Content: Do you think there will be a press conference today? Subject: Director of football announced! Content: Do you think the director of football will be announced the same time as the manager. Subject: Delia resigns Content: I think Delia has resigned herself to the idea of losing Leroy Fer, what do you think? etc etc
  8. Apparently if you google ''definition: imbecile'' the top result is for a link to Newton''s profile page. Stupid topic title, stupid content. Please stop starting threads.
  9. ''Anyone have any more info on where he is heading?'' A good place to look would be in one of the few topics already on the subject...
  10. Hey Newton, There is this really cool feature I don''t think you''ve spotted.. It''s called the reply button. It allows you to reply to topics that have already been started instead of having to start a new one every time you want to add a comment. Cool huh? Cheers, AndyCanary
  11. Hmm.. I really don''t feel comfortable with Lennon just because I feel managing Celtic doesn''t give any opportunity of comparison. If only Rangers were still as strong as they were you''d at least know how he compared as a manager against a similar club. At least he''d get Hooper firing, hopefully!
  12. It''s good that they didn''t force a decision to meet the deadline but this is hardly a closed industry. The shortlist was compiled weeks ago and the decisions would have been made in days at most. It''s not like McNally and co are sat locked in a board room somewhere tossing a coin or doing a pros and cons list..
  13. The boards first choice WAS Lennon.. FACTTTT NO DOUBT... OFFFFICCCIALLLL!!! just a rumour i heard..
  14. I''m disappointed that the question this thread poses hasn''t been answered.. Why has nobody answered this question?!!!!!! Oh yeah, it''s an opinion forum.
  15. He did well in Germany under often tricky circumstances. He knows England well and I imagine him to be well liked over here amongst the professionals that work in the industry. That said what Premier League team would take a punt on him? I can''t think of many so he may be looking for a strong Championship outfit of which to make his name in England. Big yes from me.
  16. You can''t criticise a 20 year old attacking players decision making ability in the Premier League or International stage. That is the one element of a players game that can''t be fast tracked. The future is bright for NR - he has at least 10 years ahead of him in the top league.
  17. I see Delia''s said that she won''t be courting any foreign investment into the club. I can understand why no club would want to become QPR, but they make a good point with sustainability - what about a sustainable, responsible owner with very deep pockets. If we''d had that in January might we have been able to do enough to ensure our survival and thus make any investment in that period worthwhile because it ensured our survival? What''s your feelings on foreign money?
  18. Yeah he can have them. Pilks has never been consistent enough at any level for us and I think the Hoolahan and Norwich relationship is beyond repair.
  19. Exactly King.. This isn''t some late twenties player who has peaked. This is a very young BRITISH talent who has shown he can cut it in the top league even at this stage of his career. The club would be foolish to accept anything less than two or three times our transfer record for selling.
  20. I don''t think you are quite grasping the dynamics of how a owner of a club departs. Do you expect her to relinquish her ownership? I am sure that if someone came along with deep enough pockets and the right genuine intentions for the club then she would sell. But, not until then.
  21. I''d imagine they have long since chosen their man and probably likewise have a middle ground on personal terms such as salary and bonuses. What I imagine is taking the time is the underlying legal contractual terms things that are handled by legal teams with lots of toing and froing. If it''s MM then he''ll want to be extra careful given his past experience. If it''s NL then he''ll want to be extra careful given what he''s giving up. A bad run at Norwich could destroy his career.
  22. Decent shout that. I guess it stipulates that NA has to be the out and out manager? Not head coach under a Director of football? or part of the coaching staff under a different manager?
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