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  1. You really aren''t all that smart are you? He was sales and marketing director at Celtic and was credited to doubling their off field revenue. If you think that coming to a club about to go into administration in league 1 and taking them out of debt into the premier league shows he''s not shrewd then you are dafter than I can find a word to describe. Besides your timelines are wrong.
  2. Last time I checked there was no official line on who we had and hadn''t approached. The press and insiders stated that NL GF and MM we''re all approached with only Zola showing any sign he''d take the job. Who else would you have had us approach? You''re forgetting that Celtic, West Brom and possibly soon Southampton are all looking for managers. I''m not overjoyed with Adams but I can use logic to understand why the board have made their decision.
  3. I''d not mind the endless drivel of posts if they actually made a point except for whining like a b1tch.
  4. This is why the doomsday fools have zero credibility you of utterly daft things like compare a run in against the teams we had with what Gunn had.
  5. I feel embarrassed that people will know you''re a norwich fan and will class me as similar to you. The reaction of tantrums on these forums, Facebook and Twitter is the most embarrassing thing since 7-1 at Colchester.
  6. Yes you''re right, let''s build placards and march on Carrow Road. They will DEFINITELY listen and fire Adams immediately. Alternatively it could have a detrimental impact on our performance and make it less likely for us to gain promotion. I''m so fed up of muppets on here making posts without actually specifying any credible reason why Adams is a bad appointment other than him having less experience than: 1) a Scottish pub league manager for 4 years Or 2) a manager that spunked a ridiculous amount to gain promotion with an already decent side and then spunking even more on what should be classed as the worst set of signings in the history of the premier league.
  7. Inspired original post. I was beginning to think I''d dreamt the Adams appointment there are so few posts on it.. Wait, no there are thousands of drossy sh1te like this one..
  8. As I keep saying it''s MASSIVELY unlikely that the board would have made this appointment if it wasn''t popular with the players. Expect to see more of this.
  9. In fairness OP my opinion was similar until I tried to engage in discussion with said oiks. I then realised that they are mostly just children. I still stand by the fact that 99.9% of anti Adams posts look like they were typed with elbows whilst coming down from a LSD high. Kind of like the Wolf of Wall Street after too many lemons.
  10. Yes god forbid another 7 year plan to get the the premier league that we achieve in 3 years.. What a terrible thing that they didn''t hit their number.
  11. He''s class. But no, why would he want to lower his level that far?
  12. Charlie Wyett broke the news on Twitter.. I doubt the club would have wanted to break the news when they did.. Who knows what''s around the corner.
  13. Good points.. The interesting thing for me is that bar 1 post I''ve not seen a single well constructed negative post. They are all as you say worded like they are written by shrieking spoilt kids. They''ll soon disappear.
  14. Adams is a gamble too.. But as OP says - better the devil you know!
  15. Yup, good!!! I hope he goes somewhere where a young player can keep him out of the team the same way we should have had a decent talent force his uselessness out.
  16. 75% of unhappy fans have decided to start at least 1 or more topics on the subject..
  17. +1 Absent Friend.. The bizarre thing for me is that people are slating Adams for an apparent lack of experience when Malky, Lennon and Zola are all managers who are low on experience too. They obviously have more, but as you say they lack in passion for this club.
  18. Poor analogy.. Adams isn''t a fork lift truck.. He''s a car that is purpose built for Norwich roads but hasn''t been tested against the other generic race cars the club could have bought.
  19. No Keane would have been fine because he has ''experience''..
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