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  1. " giving them little choice" Well yes, there is other choices. One you could tell Norwich City that Oldham will comply with league guidance on away allocation and that is all. You could also say that your club expects to sell out and so it matters little how successful the away club is, home fans take priority. Or to be really honest you are a tinpot club and you are hoping to fill your boots when a big club comes a'' calling. Myself I would suggest accepting the last point and then putting out the second option.
  2. So you would be the person who doesn''t question anything and accepts everything you are told No, and that is why I challenge your witless drivel You have no information other than your seemingly endless wish to stir things up. We are told little about how the club is actually run. Unfortunately that doesn''t stop cretins like you from fabricating stuff then concocting conspiracy theories based on some erronious supposition that everyone on the board has some hidden agenda and has no other intent other than to harm the club. You sir, are an a***. You serve no purpose despite your pretence of being some alternative authority on the governance of the club. I don''t doubt that you have some other agenda but to be honest myself and other City fans don''t give a flying fig for your tedious a*** gravy. So please take your repetetive twaddle back to binland and let us City fans get on with supporting the club we love. I shall be at Carrow Road tomorrow, not giving a stuff whether we are too arrogant in our acclaimation of our club, neither if there are enough tickets for Brentford fans to be there to be offended. To hell with the whingers and whiners, the ever so humble Arthur Whittles, the moaners and groaners, the saddos that seem to find endless reasons to carp on at the club. We can go top of the table tomorrow. We are looking to break so many records this season that the club deserves every REAL fan to be fully behind them. I shall be there, as will most others on this board. As to the rest then you can go to hell !
  3. Are you coming to a League game at Carrow Rd. this season? Are you going to answer the point made that you are simply trying to stir things, as usual ?
  4. It certainly won''t be Arthur Whittle turning up on the day, or any other day. I wouldn''t expect any reasoned argument in defense of the Brentford season tickets from those who subscribe to the idea that the club and it''s fans are wrong.
  5. I don''t spend my time on here finding stuff to moan about dear boy, that is the difference. And it is you''re (as in you are) not your which suggest something that belongs to me. It is bad enough having to converse with the poor without them having literacy defects as well.
  6. Good on you Arthur and well done for sticking to your guns. The reason I don''t use this board much is that when anyone offers an opinion i.e. "white" many will come back with "black" just to be awkward or politically correct. Yes, how dare people challenge a post on here. Anyone would think it was a forum.
  7. Maybe it is because it is only on this forum that Arthur Whittle encounters City fans.
  8. Given that we know little about the actual value of the ground, the terms of any such sale or the terms of McNally''s contract given such hypethetical position then you are posting no more than tedious speculation with an intent to stir up old arguments. Why not give it a rest TFA ?
  9. Perhaps John might care to read about the ambitious Portsmouth on the BBC site. Or maybe tell the 20 thousand plus fans on Saturday they they should not enjoy themselves as we are in Div 3. Tell them that they should not be sat in the new South Stand as it was built with borrowed money, as was the River End infill. Lambert should never have been appointed either as we may have to borrow money to pay Colchester. Lots or organisations allow you access to what you need without having to pay for it all up front. Perhaps that arrangement should stop. Then fans could be made to pay for their season tickets up front and in one go. That way we might stop the club from having full houses, and stop having 20 thousand City fans enjoying life ! We can then all join Big John and Arthur Whittle in one long endless moan.
  10. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]So do you think at 72 ive spent all these years watching Norwich[/quote] No, nor do most on here I suspect. By the way I thought you had gone because we were to intelligent for you (your words).
  11. [quote user="Tangible Fixed Assets anyone?"][quote user="GMF"]but IF they decide to do it (and we may know more at the AGM coming shortly) and the Stowmarket Two disagree, who will get their way? [/quote] As everyone knows any decision is put to a vote. That is share holdings, as eveyone knows. Delia and hubby are majority shareholders so what is your REAL point ?
  12. [quote user="Ren"]Yes but you are still paying for something that you dont use until August! [/quote] Unlike holidays, concert tickets, Glastonbury festival, your car insurance, etc
  13. [quote user="marchisio"]Being disrespectful to other clubs in our league and their fans.awww are those ickle wickle clubby wubbys upset aww blessss[/quote] No, I think it''s just Arthur Whittle who isn''t enjoying our success. Or our fans celebrating it either.
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