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  1. Hoolahan to get back into starting line-up and score in either half (for us obviously lol)
  2. From what I have heard/read, Nottingham and Derby have vastly different amounts of snowfall at the moment so I wouldn''t be too concerned. I''ve just booked train tickets from York for my friend and myself and we''re meeting my sister who lives in Derby at the moment to go to the match. Can''t wait for it!
  3. At work and just read the BBC score update - saw the name Rose appear as scoring a goal for us..I''m such a guber I thought ''Rose?! Who the **** is Rose!? Then I thought of the Spurs player, then that maybe Hartlepool scored an own goal before it finally clicked.... Jeesh, teach me to try and concentrate on us and work at the same time! I won''t be forgetting his name from now on! Good on ya lad!   OTBC
  4. He''s older than I thought he''d be (not that he''s old) I was hoping that Wiggins would get the chance to be our replacement for Drury (younger player and seemed to have potential). Hopefully he''ll get match fitness with Bournemouth and come back to fight for a place. Hopefully still in PL''s long-term plans.
  5. I''ve thinking more and more that someone involved in the Football League weekly is a Canaries fan (maybe the producer or a presenter?)Maybe it''s just the fact that we''re doing so well, but there is always a pretty strong focus on our team. The City badge is placed in a perfect position behind the main presenter when the show comes on and always seems most prominent (could just be that the colour stands out, but it''s still very central and prominently placed) They also usually show all the Championship games before any League One games, but when we played Colchester last week they showed us first before going to all the Championship games and then back to League One. Again, it could just be that it was a big match with a lot of build-up beforehand, but they did show a lot of the game and had some good pre-match stuff too..That can all be explained I guess, BUT at christmas they had a little xmas tree near the front of the studio and whilst the camera panned from the tree to the presenter I noticed a city keychain or something on the tree. I rewound (sky plus) and saw that it was in fact a little Norwich City shirt hanging from the tree. It was also the only football related thing on the tree. Everything else was xmas related (baubles etc)..So anyway, long story short, I''ve been thinking for a while that somebody behind the show must support City too. Anyone else noticed it? May have missed a previous thread about it, but just wanted to share my thoughts (pointless as they are!) Hopefully we''ll keep winning and they''ll show more and more of us as I live in York and it''s the only time I get to see the boys play!OTBC
  6. [quote user="SnakepitCanary"]Wilshere, Shelvey, Bostock and Delph will all be top class, I dont see why people are worried about it.[/quote] Agreed they''ve got bright futures. And just to re-iterate, I think if Michael Johnson hadn''t been injured for so long he would have developed into something special
  7. Definitely wouldn''t say Milner is slow. He''s fast enough for a centre mid if that''s where you''re playing him and he''s fast enough on the wing too. I wouldn''t say it''s all about being lightning quick. Gerrard and Lampard are definitely a different class though.. Huddlestone is a monster of a player, but certainly more defensive as mentioned before. I always thought Michael Johnson was the next Gerrard. He had everything (not quite as fast but still very young), but then he got that injury and there''s rumours it''s going to affect his entire career. I really rated him in his debut season and loved watching him play. Technically a great player - brilliant passsing and holding of the ball and can shoot well from range. I''d be gutted if he really doesn''t make a full comeback because he held so much promise as a pure centre mid. Always had him on FIFA and Pro and even FM! Ah well, time will tell.. P.S 100% agree with the need for 5 a side games for the youth though..they''re trained to be fit and able to run for 90 mins, but not enough training in smaller spaces where technique, short-passing, control and quick-thinking comes into play. I assume they use this more at Arsenal, but that''s only one team and it needs to be done at the youngest level.  
  8. Are we definitely playing them on Tuesday? For some reason, I thought that we might play them on Sat still..
  9. Brilliant articles. A very informative read - they obviously know their football
  10. I must also say that Askou looked very assured and calm in the Leeds game and read the play well. He also looks great in both boxes with his aerial play. I wonder how he''ll fit in when he comes back. Will Nelson go out, given our recent good form, or will Doc and Nelson continue with Askou, Spillane and Whitbread on the bench? I suppose it doesn''t matter at the moment while Askou is injured, but it''s a thought nonetheless.
  11. I''ve only really watched the Leeds game in full (live in York) and the only time I was worried with Doc was against Beckford because he seemed out of position a few times and his distinct lack of pace was highlighted. I still worry if we get in the Champ but he might get even better by then and we''ve also brought in ZW, have Spill coming back and other options too. However, I think more about him scoring goals rather than conceding them at the moment, which is a pleasant change! I really think PL has a lot to do with this and Doc''s own mental toughness of course. Good on him, and long may it continue. Any canary will want him to do well.. P.S I must say he has some power in his shots. Those left foot piledrivers are something to behold. I wish I was that powerful and I''m already left-footed!
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