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  1. And that''s why life was better before You Tube, Twitter and the rest. Should never be let within 10m of a microphone. Three minutes of my life i''ll never get back.
  2. Tim Krul for getting the crowd to throw the ball backwards instead of straight to him to time waste. Fortunately the referee was facing the other way at the time.
  3. Is red button only available on Sky Q. Worked for Preston On Sky + HD but nothing today??
  4. Happened to arrive at the same time and hardly an edifying sight. Full of children revelling in singing about “F*** Off Ipswich” and “Always s*** on the old blue and white” Many of the adults looke like they wondering how the hell they had managed to get involved. Wouldn’t want to see that again thank you.
  5. Left home for the match and I’ve got our last years season tickets with us. Please tell me no new ones should have arrived in the post this year. Thanks in advance.
  6. Went to Burton away last season and had to sit through 90 minutes of Hubby abuse. Frankly I thought I had wandered in to the Burton end and he was an ex player of theirs. To reiterate my earlier point - anyone ever thought that could play a part in his lack of confidence? Norwich do have an away support to be proud of but man there are some dickheads who need to take a long hard look at themselves. SUPPORTers!!
  7. If any of us was at work and were constantly criticised and booed we wouldn''t be as good as we could be. Players play best when encouraged and supported. I will never understand anyone who boos their own team and would rather you didn''t turn up. What do you expect to achieve? Definition of SUPPORTer?
  8. Going fishing - and I don’t even fish. Scotsman worst nightmare.!!
  9. Southampton looking to sign for fifteen million. Understudy to the two senior keepers but with a buy back clause. Going to be third choice despite apparently wanting more first team football??? - sounds like a poor option to me.
  10. Hanley made a tackle with his low down with his head at Burton and his momentum from being so committed caused him to slide on his knees in to the advertising barriers with a hell of a thump - was right in front of us. Got up and got on with it. Epic stuff from out three central defenders in the last two matches.
  11. Club must have had an extra allocation as I got seated tickets after initially saying had sold out.
  12. From the BBC website Always like the though of an attacking midfielder - thoughts? Norwich are keen to sign Lyon''s 21-year-old attacking midfielder Aldo Kalulu, who has been on loan at Sochaux
  13. Ungrateful Norwich fans should be thankful for the woman who cares about their club - excellent read.
  14. Or did Oliveira challenge for a header today?
  15. .....one of the “fans” interviewed outside the ground said we should terminate Cameron’s contract tomorrow as he did nothing when he came on. Pathetic - hang your head in shame.
  16. Nice to hear Michael Nelson doing commentary. Always liked his attitude.
  17. Could anyone tell me the sites to avoid if I happen to be surfing and accidentally come across them.
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