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  1. Lets hope Doncaster buggers off full time for the FA and then they can deal with his spin, which they are masters at
  2. I touched on this subject yesterday about Cullum geeting NCFC on the cheap- but when we in a lower division!
  3. Im Gutted after todays news and the whole affair has been handled unprofessionally. Bit suspicious of Delia now after this where I wasnt before. If this club doesnt get any sort of a team /squad together asap we are gonna get stuffed all season - then relegation---then wholesale fan revolt against the board-- then Cullum will come in and buy the club at much less than todays valuation. just all this could be avoided without dropping another division and possibly losing a perfectly good mananger. I know this sounds doom and gloom but it could happen.
  4. Well Hucks if you are reading this Forum- Good Luckyou deserve it after your exit  What a great place to finish your career, cheers for the great memories :)  
  5. I reckon Blatter runs the S&M dungeon for certain F1 Chief  - whist messing World football up at the same time!!!
  6. Blinkin FA- FA justice I say- kick a team when they are already down how low is that? The FA has as much charisma and sense as  Blatter - Doncaster is something to do with the FA.....?= trying to get Bell cheaper lol
  7. Hi Chris welcome to the Forum, Some good points in your post - intelligently layed out.  I had a rant the other day about personal attacks on people on this forum ( Noone really bothered to back me up or shoot me down lol- bit clichey on here ) keep posting and dont worry what anyone thinks.
  8. Keep posting Gordon- this is a Forum----definition ---"an assembly, meeting place,  etc., for the discussion of questions of public interest. " So if people choose to believe you or not so what? I am getting fed up with personal attacks on this forum-not just against Gordon- ever since the mods left. Its getting childish in certain cases. I have no axe to grind with anyone on here- I just read and choose myself whether to believe it or not, yes there are some ridiculous posts and some very funny as well, just a few have to calm down on here and chill a little............ NCFC does what it wants ,we cannot change anything- frustrating but there you are, we just have to wait at the clubs pace of things or not as the case may be ( Im probably gonna get slaughtered for saying this now lol)
  9. Well lets all hope  Cullum gets a rush of blood to the head and spends half a years bonus and buys Norwich outright
  10. Great news getting Ryan back especially as Hull were after him
  11. LOL you have to be over 100 to live in Mattishall ( tongue firmly in cheek ) :)
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