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  1. Stevie G

    Ron Vlaar is a free agent...

    [quote user="Cerberus"] he left Villa seeking a bigger club. ...[/quote]

    mission accomplished then :P

    i didn''t realise he was in rehab, guess it''s clutching at straws but getting a centre back in would have gone a long way towards making this window seem more successful
  2. Stevie G

    It must be Lennon

    it must at least be potentially viable if a Celtic fan is worried enough to come on here, create an account and protest to anyone who will listen that its not happening :)
  3. Stevie G

    It must be Lennon

    Heh some guy at work was claiming to have someone itk who got some info at the end of season dinner so we all dropped a tenner on in just in case.... maybe we forced the odds down :)
  4. Stevie G

    peter lovenkrands

    I don''t often post on here although I read it most days but this ''news'' was so uninspiring I felt compelled to post. This season has had a lot of ups and downs ( more downs probably but hey we''re Norwich fans nothing new there) but I was really hoping the transfer window would give us all something to get positive about. If the rumors on this one are true I really don''t know what to think, such a contrast to how things felt in the summer and a million miles away from what most fans would state that we need.
  5. Stevie G

    Elliot Bennett

    @NorwichCityFC: Hughton: ''No Gary Hooper yet unfortunately. But Snodgrass and Bassong have trained and are in contention.''
  6. Stevie G

    Elliot Bennett

    CH stated Snoddy and Bassong in contention
  7. Stevie G

    Team News for Hull

    Pretty sure last time Teapost posted some team news the same thing happened.

    Shame for Elliott, 6 months a long time to use someone out of position maybe we will loan someone in
  8. Stevie G

    Hull predictions

    Would love to destroy them 4-0 but will take any winning combination
  9. Stevie G

    Team News for Hull

    I seem to remember Teapot having team news in the past, guess we will know tomorrow, hope its not true though.

  10. Stevie G

    Fabio Quagliarella

    [quote user="can u sit down please"]Bump[/quote]

    can''t beat an early morning Bump!
  11. [quote user="FenwayFrank"]Main thing is none of them get an injury, I''ll be happy if none of them actually play.[/quote]

    This pretty much sums it up for me too. I''m not on board with an international so close to the start of the season
  12. Stevie G

    Tonights match

    Tonight''s official attendance is 14,433
  13. Stevie G

    Tonights match

    [quote user="Albyella"]

    How about the attendance then funny boy[/quote]

    Paddy said about 12k
  14. Stevie G

    City vS Braga

    [quote user="YellowAndGreenDreamTeam"]Top tip, all the pop ups and ads when not using a certain site for streaming football go away when you install the google chrome ad blocker (google it).

    Also removes all advertising from youtube including the forced adverts before viewing a video...[/quote]

    awesome!! thanks for this