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  1. the jealousy of our role model football club is ooziing out of you
  2. [quote user="Go Wash Your Mouth Out Son"]2 games in ??[/quote] Let the SEETHE start you all got on the promotion tour bus now time for you hop onto the european tour bus
  3. [quote user="lappinitup"] [quote user="Champions"]i know you wont see it this way...but emblem was bloody good midfielder for us...... for my two penth worth Dave Striker - you lot were basically getting an erection telling me how great he was[/quote]You are we8wba and I claim my £5. [/quote] who bet you £5?
  4. [quote user="tom1902"]we did used to take many fans to wolves but they were all stabbed so now we dont take so many[/quote] cant ever rembering you selling out bar the playoff semi 2nd leg hell usually your located behind the goal which is smaller allocation which teams like colchester, crewe, blackpool, burnley would occupy
  5. [quote user="Yorkshire Canary"]Here we are agaain in the close season looking forward to nice new signings. remember when they all went horribly wrong. Darren Beckford, Neil Emblem,Helveg, Jonnsonn. Sure there are many more out there in peoples memories[/quote] i know you wont see it this way...but emblem was bloody good midfielder for us, and would been for you bar injuries for my two penth worth Dave Striker - you lot were basically getting an erection telling me how great he was pre season and how he scored x amount in the himalayian premier league or some crap league  
  6. [quote user="followtheboyzinyellow"]Not having the money before? We had one of the biggest player budgets in the league. The same as Wolves actually, who went up whilst we went down[/quote] wrong and right imo when we came down we had two stabs at promotion with likes miller, cort, kennedy, ince etc.... and failed the summer mick came in we had no money, 8 first teamers come last week of July (having to sell or release all high earners) and had settle for make shift players to build a squad such as craig davies, jemal johnson, jamie clapham the list is endless...we got through that phase and on team spirit alone reached the playoffs. we then got investment of morgan....we pumped in a few million but spent majority on it wisely in key purchases as well unlocking odds 100k gems such as ward, kightly and jarvis we didnt go up on parachute money, quite simply we failed in same way you did and our squad was dismantled same way yours did  
  7. i do love the way so many norwich fans hate wolves........ i mean norwich not even on wolves radar...........hell when we play you its just like playing blackpool, qpr, sheff weds seems you "hate us" you never seem to bring decent following down to the Mol or make any sort of atmosphere  
  8. Have Carl Ikeme or Wayne Hennessey....we need to get one out the squad in most likelyhood given the new Premier League Rules about over 21 players pointless having 3 keepers aged above 21 (taking 3squad places) so one of the above be shipped out on loan
  9. deluded if you think adel taarabt is a realistic signing im afraid
  10. anyone''s league next year is the championship many promoted sides have found life easy in the championship these past few years whilst many others have also found it just as tough you could easily finish 4th as 24th if i was norwich fan i''d just want good start and come a happy midtable to start with then maybe think about promotion when established a foothold in the league again but as i said ANYONES league next year.......
  11. PMSL Leon Clarke.....he was SHITE when with us. Big headed, unfit striker who thinks he really is the dogs bollocks if i way you i''d pray you dont get this muppet
  12. FFS, so many muppets posting do you really think you''ll need to borrow my banner from our playoff game? no thought not........promotion it is
  13. Championship Promotion for 10/11 is UP FOR GRABS to every team in the league Burnley, Hull, Pompey all dropping down.....none of those are any great shakes, hell soon they lose their best players they''ll probably come midtable best Promoted sides from League one, Norwich, Leeds, One another......now any of those bar swindon/colchester (in around PO''s) could go well next year teams in PO''s in champs this year, Leicester, Swansea, Cardiff - all good solid sides but nothing special. only Forest (money) should be superior next year around 20teams in the Championship will genuinley believe they have a realistic shot at reaching the PO''s minimum  
  14. [quote user="Big Slob"]we8wba used to call him calamity Collins, so he must be good [/quote] booooom was just about to post the same [:D] collins is great in the air, but DREADFUL on the floor he is just a nightmare, gave away countless penalties and last man errors his one saving grace is he has eye for goal from set pieces and saved us several times last year before xmas with vital goals
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