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  1. Given the usual cliched and non committal mumblings offered by Lambert it was hardly the end of the world for Look East when the club snubbed them. Whenever has any manager or player said anything interesting post match. If I was LE I would have stuck to my guns and used the additional air time for more important local issues. For god''s sake a 70 year old man lost his spectacles on Cromer Pier on Monday and Bess the cat was rescued from a disused well in Diss.......never got a mention!
  2. Oh how we struggle to drum up positives from a match against mediocre opposition who were more interested in berating the ref than putting on any real performance. If we had any real quality we would have brushed them away. Our front line will be feeding off set piece scraps all season.
  3. What you are hearing is the Radio Suffolk summariser. I think his name is Kevin Beattie. Used to play for the taaarrrrrrn and now sells carrots from the back of an old bedford van on A140.
  4. A well deserved mention to all the Norfolk school teachers who so bravely ventured out today to watch the match at Carrow Road. It can''t have been easy having to dig yourselves out of your snow bound houses and we salute your sterling efforts. Have a safe journey home and look after yourselves next week. We all appreciate how hard it is travelling in this weather especially when there are so few options beyond car, bus, train, walk. If any readers on this forum live near any teachers then do knock on their door to make sure they are coping OK and see if there is any shopping or essentials they need. God bless em!
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