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  1. Look what happened to Ron Atkinson, for a comment just as bad......
  2. [quote user="Webbo118"]You are wrong and misguided in just about everything you say. 1) The Club paid in previous seasons and has been making "contributions" for many years. 2) It''s nonsense to expect to be able to arrive at and leave matches in a safe manner is it? 3) I personally have witnessed a number of near misses involving cars, buses and HGVs. 4) The Club (as an Events Organiser) has a statutory obligation to produce a Traffic Management Plan and, to the best of my knowledge, has not done so this season.  5) I wasn''t aware that anyone had been incensed by playing a game with a sprinkling of snow. As far as I am concerned, a match should be played whenever possible, particularly at Colchester when I am getting soaked to the skin! 6) I am reasonably confident that I am able to remain safe as I have seen some of the potential dangers and do what I can to avoid them. However, complacency often plays a major part in tragic events and I see little point in changing procedures that have operated successfully for countless years merely to save a few pounds. I have been advised that the saving the Club has made is sufficient to pay the wages of ONE FIRST TEAM PLAYER FOR ONE WEEK.   [/quote]think most of us will believe the statement from the canaries site over what you''ve written :P
  3. anyone know when the football league show is on tonight?
  4. regardless who wanted him - the rest is no doubt true lol
  5. im guessing hes here because the previous manager wanted his ''number one'' target so much he paid him a wage well beyond what he''s worth and has ever earned beforewould u leave a well paid job if you were paid to do something your not doing, and didnt get the sack for it? lol
  6. [quote user="I am a Banana"]How many points should we expect in MARCH?   Yeovil (H) Huddersfield (A) Swindon (A) Leeds (H) 8 points? win home draw away, or can we afford to lose one of these games?! [/quote]Yeovil - WHuddersfield - LSwindon - DLeeds - W
  7. Sorry if im being naive here but didnt they put man utd 400 million in debt?  What silly moron let them take over the club
  8. cant wait to see the atmosphere once it''s finally confirmed that we are promoted :)
  9. He was definitely a confidence player.  When he was good you knew about it, but there was never the consistancy there to ever make him a great player unfortunately.
  10. Can I ask.... since the boo boys have stupidly started to come out now... Would fans be happy with 2nd?Personally I wouldn''t care how we got up, long as we do, and I will be chuffed to bits for the players/fans/manager/everyone involved :) I honestly think we have more players at Norwich who can cope well in the championship than people think.
  11. [quote user="lappinitup"][:S] http://www.pinkun.com/cs_pinkun/cs/forums/2015730/ShowPost.aspx   [/quote]haha, i think they call that punkedwhat is it they say, copying is a form of flattery? lol
  12. hmm that post came out weird!it was ment to say I thought it was a thigh injury, as per the injury report before the Oldham game
  13. I thought it was a thigh injury?Defenders Jens Berthel Askou (foot), Adam Drury (thigh) and Zak Whitbread (calf) remain sidelined along with striker Cody McDonald (thigh)that was an injury report from the Oldham game
  14. It does seem he is a little fed up with greedy supporters who want 3-0 or 4-0 wins every single weekend now.Like he pointed out, it''s 2 defeats in 18 and we are TOP OF THE LEAGUEwhy isnt everyone more happy?
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