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  1. has to be twist.....style of football is rubbish....cant play defensive with the players in this team.....Would love to see Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the next manager....pls pls pls
  2. Our badge is one of the best in the world! It stands out more the any other in the Premier League not just because of the colour. It''s the first one you notice on match of the day! So no change please!
  3. [quote user="paul moy"][quote user="Orford65"][quote user="paul moy"][quote user="Orford65"]They''re playing Hibs ffs![/quote]Agreed and hence also my caution on RVW that I expressed earlier in the week. [/quote]I also am a bit worried about the notion that Rip Van will solve all our striking problems.Not sure about the standard of the Portuguese league, but I watched him in last season''s Europa comp and I did''nt think he was all that.Am confident though that Hoots knows what he''s doing and am sure that he will be bringing in other quality players for support.[/quote]In my view, Portuguese and Scottish Prems are similar to Championship standard. When we sign players from these leagues we should be insisting on clauses to ensure that transfer fees relate to success in the Prem, otherwise we are at risk of expensive flops. [/quote] It all depends on the player surely...... I wouldn''t say the Belgian league is that great but Benteke has come over here and scored bucket loads...... I wouldn''t put the Portuguese league on the same level as the Scottish prem. If primera Liga is championship standard then Scottish prem has to be league one. That really is a terrible league!!!
  4. I was also at the game. There were a lot of positives! Two players that stood out for me were Tierney and De Laet! I thought Tierney looked great going forward and in defence. De Laet was composed on the ball and good in one on one situations! Johnson was another who played well! If I were a palace fan I wouldn''t be too happy even though they won the game. We totally outplayed them, especially in the first half and the at times it looked like the objective was just to keep the ball and not try and score! But it''s a friendly and I didn''t leave disappointed. I left feeling very positive about the season ahead and I really think that we will surprise many in the PL! OTBC
  5. I''m sure he could make it in the Prem! I''d like to see him partnered by Nicky Maynard! The other strikers we have just won''t cut it!
  6. It might be a bit late in the season to be changing systems, but I thought with the players we have brought in it could be worth a try. GK Ruddy RB R. Martin CB Ward CB Whitbread LB Tierney DM Crofts DM Fox/Surman RAM Lansbury CAM Pacheco LAM Hoolahan ST Holt Just a thought!
  7. Richard brindley is a player from the academy. How did he do? I''ve heard good things about this player! Right bak for future?
  8. Shaleum Logan - Man City on loan at tranmere last season looked good!
  9. Yes we need a new RB! I think shaleum Logan could do well for us. Did well for tranmere even though they were in the bottom half. Good age and gifted player from the Manchester city youth academy.
  10. Could be looking at the future Norwich home kit. Not bad!
  11. Definitely have to agree with Gabriel marcotti!! Guy is so annoying!! It''s always about how good Italian and Spanish football is and how rubbish the premeir league is! Also can''t stand Adrian Durham on talksport! The guys a numpty!
  12. My Team GK: Forster RB: Frazer Richardson/Bradley Orr CB: Doc CB: Askou LB: Patrick van Aanholt DM: Hugo Colace RCM: Smith LCM: Emil Hallfreļæ½sson AM: Hoolahan FW: Holt/Bogdanovic FW: Martin/Simeon Jackson easily affordable team without too many changes. Notably the fullbacks are the major concerns, and I think all are very capable at championship level.
  13. I would prefer to see Patrick van Aanholt to come in on loan for a season. Had a good spell at Newcastle. Another Ryan bertrand type player.
  14. I was referring to Hugo Colace in case anyone wondered.
  15. I agree. Seen him play a few times and can see why he got POTS for Barnsley this year. Another is Giles Coke of Motherwell. I believe we were looking to get him a couple of seasons ago.
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