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  1. Its their job get over it, im sure they have had worse fans attend games there than us especially judging  by some of the geeks that come on here. and to the poster who commented on raising prices to get rid of roughhouse oiks whatever sort of insult that is supposed to be. Its us that will skint ourselves to watch our club as we have passion unlike you little silver spoon cord wearing gimps that contribute nil to the atmosphere created by the loyal and passionate fans.If you think we are that bad get yourself down to watch just about any other club in the country and then comment. Or is everywhere apart from Norwich full of roughhouse oiks or is Norwich just full of boring gimps.
  2. passion is needed at football matches and from what I read on here there are far too many gimps complaining about swearing and confrontations with jobsworth stewards, who in my opinion home and away are a pain in the arse.If i pay the money to watch a game why should I be told to sit down and have to think what i''m doing all the time. And before anyone starts about not being able to see as a result of other people standing  then its simple go in the family stand or if not able bodied  then use the disabled facilities if not get down the gym and sort yourself out.This is football not tennis for f**kssake
  3. agree with most of what the op said although thought drury was excellent so 8/10Surman was 7/10
  4. Must say drury was excellent but would have crofts who was everywhere as man of the match with wes not too far behind,Surman was not brilliant but his delivery from corners was excellent and all in all I have not seen us dominate a team like that away from home for a long time,The goal at the end was quality and the support was fantastic,Korey was awful 1st half but was a different player second half.Ward and Nelson looked a lot better as did Russel Martin.Ruddy looked assured although distribution still needs work.Chris Martin and Grant Holt worked hard and Jackson did ok when he came on.Very positive about the season now although Scunthorpe are poor, I think the momentum will see us move foward and may get a play off place [maybe even promotion]otbcCrofts is better than Russell at defending and going foward [a quality accusition]
  5. sorry link nr9 forgot to show his comment first
  6. pre season does not mean a lot but as lambert said after the dagenham game, we will get better and we did. The squad looks strong to me and I can''t wait till the watford game.Lets get behind the lads as I think this will be another memorable seson in the history of our fine club.otbc
  7. Hopefully now some posters on here will stop panicking and get a grip. Anyone who slags super chris is a f***in idiot and anyone who thinks we will struggle is a d**k.Championship champions 10-11otbc
  8. leeds rely totally on snodgrass and beckford is dangerous because of his pace and nothing else.we have much more quality and im going for a 4-1 city win holt 2 hoolahan and martin with a beckford probably scoring with a spawny miskick. I dont rate beckford he is awful technically and can actually control further than i can kick it otbc
  9. i dont think we need to boo him as he is absolute garbage anyway but i will certainly not be clapping someone who should never have worn the shirt in the first place
  10. 16 regiment royal artilliery in woolwich 96-99 Air Defence
  11. the only line of thinking that may be positive is whats the challenge for him. If you win the title in scotland with celtic then so what, hardly a surprise. The only real lure would be the champions league but even lambert must know that without about 100 million to spend celtic are going nowhere in that competition. I realise Celtic are the love of his life and a big club but to be a real hero down there he would have to get to the second round in europe and win the league in Scotland and if he did neither he would be out of a job.
  12. said on 20th january on sky sports that we were after maltese attacker andre schembri for 160k not sure how solid but considering sutton was on transfer rumours i thought i would post
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