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  1. [quote user="The Butler"]So there is a chant that says a CITY in AVON ENGLAND that is several miles away from WALES with a BIG RIVER, called the Severn between them, is the smallest TOWN in Wales. I bet they get really upset at that or do they just think that Norwich is in Suffolk which would explain a lot!! [/quote]wasnt  there yesterday  but  was  at  Bristol Rovers  last season and  my  geography from  school tells  me  that Bristol is in England what are  the  schools teaching  our  kids  nowadays  lol
  2. [quote user="Bowgy"]Went to yesterdays game and what a game it was!Shut them bloody fans up..small town in wales [;)] On way home i thought  it was really good that the norwich team bus stopped at the services with all the norwich fans..spoke to most of them except chris martin who ignored everyone?Brill day out!OTBC![/quote] errr  sorry  to  tell you mate  but its  not  in  wales its  in the west country
  3. taking  it  a  bit  too  far    i think
  4. I seem to remember how  everyone apart  from Norwich fans was saying that leeds  were going to  walk the league last year  they went off like QPR are  doing  now  remember what happened ? Lightning striking in same  place comes  to mind  I am  quite  happy  the  way  things are  going  Carrow Road  needs to  be more  like  FCR though OTBC
  5. [quote user="paul moy"][quote user="canarycol"]well   thats  it   Blackpool  have  ROCKED  Liverpool    ha ha ha ha[/quote] ... and they''re now towering over Liverpool   [/quote]Like  your  style Paul,  you  could also say  that the Liverpool mean  machine has been BEACHED
  6. well   thats  it   Blackpool  have  ROCKED  Liverpool    ha ha ha ha
  7. get  in  there   boys   bristol is a   good  hunting   ground   for  the  bots   3-0 at  rovers  last  season  and  3-0  today  so far
  8. yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss   get  in  there  boys
  9. [quote user="I am a Banana"]so.[/quote]are  you  ips**t in disguise ?    are  you  ips**t in disguise ?
  10. what a   result  preston  4-1 down  at  one  point coming   back  to  win  6-4 at  elland  road  od love  to  be a fly on  the  wall in  the weeds  dressing  room   LOL
  11. [quote user="Ozbarclay"]what''s Malky feeding the Watford players???[/quote] canary  seed  ;0
  12. http://www.flashscores.co.uk/football/england/ dont  know  if  this  will help   anyone
  13. [quote user="staffs canary"]ANYONE KNOW WHO HE WAS UNDERSTUDY TO AT SHREWSBURY TOWN ??????[/quote] scott  howie  I think
  14. travelling   down  to  worcester to  watch  Nuneaton Boro play  worcester city and  meet  up  with  some  old  mates  from Nuneaton, its a  local  derby so should  be  a  good  atmosphere  Nuneaton  always  take a good following around   400 for this one I think even though its  non league thats  still pretty good for that level I remember going up  to middlesborough for  a  fa  cup  replay Nuneaton took  5,000 great  night  even though we  lost  5-2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_ti8YhE420
  15. [quote user="M.A.T.T"]I already get most of those things on my BBC Football App and my Sky Football App, what makes yours different from those? USP? For that reason, I am out.[/quote] and we all  know how accurate the BBC is about  Norwich City dont  we ?   oh   by  the  way even dragons  make  mistakes well done  snakepit lassie  cheers  for the  info, better  coming  from the Canaries  beak  right  ??  (wink)
  16. do you  think the  NCFC  stewards  would  notice if I tried  smuggling these in after I have painted them yellow and green so that we could play  Norwich City Calypso ?? http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3494/3821978213_e1c67baffb_o.jpg
  17. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"]What''s goin on?  Our strikeforce is turning criminal, first Holty, now Martin, who next Jackson? We are friendly, little, Norwich, this just isn''t right.  I feel unnervingly sick[+o(] [/quote] Its  about  time we  had  some  real  hitmen that can  steal  goals whenever they want  it just happens  that they are ordinary guys doing  a  job with the  same problems  that we face  but  to a  greater  degree sometimes as they are in the spotlight  can you  imagine the EDP publishing a news  article about Nana and  wiz  having a punch up in castle meadow ? Gasp !!!!
  18. New Norwich Strip  (Grant Holt Chris Martin) http://farm1.static.flickr.com/188/438910004_2450bb4126.jpg?v=1248018591
  19. I have supported norwich since  the 1970''s but living in the midlands its not easy to get there all the time I have been to loads of games at carrow road and  around the country been to wembley 3 times  cardiff and  to germany to see the  canaries play (bayern) I have several shirts scarfs flag  and other  merchandise of  NCFC, I started  supporting them when I lived  in Norwich in the 70''s and have been doing so ever since braving the  mocking of coventry villa west brom wolves birmingham fans all the  time but everywhere I have gone I have spread the word about the  canaries  even  now I get a  call from the fans I know telling me they are keeping  an eye out for Norwich results, may have even got a few  converts  LOL does  that make me a loyal fan I wonder ?OTBC
  20. [quote user="mtv"]Thanks for the concern lads, This ''boy'' was one of my sons. He is 16 years old and was set upon by a group of 8 ''men''. Ofcourse I have warned him about standing out ataway matches but he is quite acharacter as those who sit near him in the barclay will tell you. He took 2 direct punches in the face breaking his glasses and his nose. He is home and fine now but it does make you think doesnt it. He told me much the same as earlier posters have described, he and some other city fans were exchanging banter with the forest fans and it appears his green ''morph'' suit singled him out. He spoke to the police about but didnt give a statement because he was with a couple of friends and needed to get home. However I am ringing Nottingham police tomorrow and will push them to follow this up. Scum like this should be pushed out of football and if I have my way they will be found and banned. thanks for the concern lads and lasses.[/quote]Just a thought as  someone mentioned earlier about all the  city fans there yesterday and  going to  the EDP to put something in there about the incident and asking  people to come forward as  witnesses, to carry that thought a little bit further did anyone take any photos or videos of the incident on their mobile phones ? keep an eye out  on youtube  as well  you never know  the  braindead  idiots that made this attack maybe will try to put it  on there ?  Just a thought
  21. [quote user="Jules"]Why is listening to a match on the radio always purgatory? The end to end nature of this game is too much to take.  C''mon Norwich stick it in the net! Another last minute winner, please.[/quote]been trying  to find  a  radio link  but  radio norfolk  keeps  saying  because of  contractual reasons  I cannot listen to radio  norfolk  anyone with a link that  works  ?
  22. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"][quote user="canarycol"][quote user="WeAreYellows49"] Saturday 21 August Coventry 2-1 Derby Bristol City 3-3 Barnsley Burnley 3-0 Leicester Cardiff 4-0 Doncaster Crystal Palace 1-2 Ipswich Hull 0-0 Watford Leeds 3-1 Millwall Norwich 2-0 Swansea Preston 1-0 Portsmouth QPR 2-0 Scunthorpe Reading 1-1 Nottingham Forest Blackpool are also beating Fulham 2-1 [:O] lol  check  the  results again [/quote][/quote] They were correct at the time of posting, sorry I can''t update it every ten seconds lol [/quote] remind  me who Norwich are playing today   LOL  too  funny
  23. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"]Saturday 21 August Coventry 2-1 Derby Bristol City 3-3 Barnsley Burnley 3-0 Leicester Cardiff 4-0 Doncaster Crystal Palace 1-2 Ipswich Hull 0-0 Watford Leeds 3-1 Millwall Norwich 2-0 Swansea Preston 1-0 Portsmouth QPR 2-0 Scunthorpe Reading 1-1 Nottingham Forest Blackpool are also beating Fulham 2-1 [:O] lol  check  the  results again [/quote]
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